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Heavenly Radiance of the Highest Heaven

“God has created the highest heaven, a pure and simple Radiance, which enrings and encloses all the heavens and all bodily and material things. …. It is an outward dwelling-place and a kingdom of God and His saints, full of glory and eternal joy. Now since this heaven is an unmingled Radiance, there is here neither time, nor space, nor movement, nor any change; for it is unmovable and unchangeable above all things. The sphere which is nearest to this glowing heaven is called the First Movement. For here all movement arises from the highest heaven, by the Power of God. From this movement the firmament and all planets derive their courses. And through it, all creatures live and grow, each according to its kind.

“Now understand this well: so likewise the essence of the soul is a ghostly kingdom of God, full of Divine Radiance transcending all our powers, except they be in that simplified state of which I will not speak now. Behold, in regard to the essence of the soul, wherein God reigns, the unity of our spirit is like in the First Movement; for in this unity, the spirit is moved from above by the power of God.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Heavenly Radiance

God did create the highest heaven. He created the other heavens as well, if you think of the spiritual dimensions as being heavens. And this highest heaven does indeed have great radiance. In fact, this heaven is pure light, nothing else. This is, of course, a spiritual light. Spiritual light is not the same as physical light, although the two are related.

When the prophet Malachi wrote about the coming age of the Sun of Righteousness, he said this sun would shine seven times brighter than the normal sun. Physical science tells us that would be a very bad thing. If the sun became seven times brighter, it would burn up the Earth and everything on it. Fortunately, that is not what Malachi meant. He was talking about the spiritual sun, not the physical. The spiritual sun is linked to, and fed by, that highest heaven. More of that heavenly radiance is being sent into our spiritual sun. That is making the spiritual sun brighter and brighter until it will be seven times as bright as before.

The physical sun will not be seven times brighter, but it will be affected. Scientists already know that certain types of radiation coming from the sun have increased in recent decades. They don’t know why. They say it has no connection with global warming. They are wrong about that. The important thing is that the heavenly radiance reaching us through our spiritual sun is helping people awaken to their spiritual self. At the very least, it is making many people aware of the Great Illusion of matter, even before they are truly awakened.

Neither Time nor Space

Ruysbroeck says this highest heaven has no time or space. It has no movement and no change. All of that is true. This highest heaven is also called “the Godhead”. It is the place where God is totally united.

The next dimension below this one is the first one where change and movement can happen. Still, this level has no time or space. Some would say that there can be no movement without time and space. It is possible, however, to have a kind of movement that exists purely on a spiritual level. This is the highest level in which beings other than God can exist. I have covered dimensions more thoroughly in previous posts, so I won’t dig into that here. If you wish to read more about the dimensions, click here.

Unmingled Radiance

Ruysbroeck says this heavenly radiance of the highest heaven is unmingled. By that, he means that this dimension is one of pure light. It has no darkness at all. Not ten percent dark. Not one percent dark. It isn’t even one tenth of one percent dark. It is all light. That is what we need to return to.

Some people argue that spirituality is about accepting darkness as well as light. In a sense they are correct. But only in a sense. We have to acknowledge that darkness exists. We should not hide from it. Neither should we embrace it. We know it exists, but part of the work of spiritual people is to get rid of the darkness. Not by destroying it, but by helping God to transform it into light.

Ghostly Kingdom

Ruysbroeck says the human soul is “ a ghostly kingdom of God.” This seems to us to be a strange thing to say. We think of a ghost as something dead, and the soul is not dead. The soul is eternal. It cannot die.

What he is saying is that the soul is a pale reflection of that heavenly radiance of the highest heaven. This is made clearer when he says that it is full of divine radiance that transcend all our powers. It transcends all our Earthly powers, for spirit, being eternal, has far more power than anything physical. It may not seem that way when you have not awakened those spiritual faculties, but it is. We can know that even on the level of matter by looking at what effect an awakened soul has on people. Jesus, Buddha and St. Francis of Assisi are good examples of those changed and made far more powerful by the heavenly radiance.

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Divine Treasure of Knowledge, Wisdom and Love

“Think about the Divine and accept the Divine in you. Whoever accepts the Divine will easily progress; who does not accept it will enter a street with no exit.

”If you believe, think, and work, something good will come out of you, but if you don’t, nothing good will come out of you. …

“In the materialistic world, people look for logic and proof in order to get things clear and understand, and then they believe in them. In the Divine world, the process is the opposite. First comes the belief, and then things become clear to you.

“The most valuable treasure we may have is Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love.” ~Biensa Douno

Accept the Divine

No matter how much you study, you will never be a good doctor if you don’t believe you can. You will never be a good singer if you don’t believe it possible. And you will never experience much spiritual growth if you don’t believe in yourself. Part of that belief must be accepting the divinity within you. That does not mean you should start thinking that you are God—that is a path of egotism. You think instead that you are a part of God and are destined to rejoin with the Father/Mother when you have grown enough.

Spiritual Progress

Accepting God and our connection to Divinity does make it easier to follow a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment. It may be possible to make some progress on that path without recognizing Divinity, but not much. Failure to accept Divinity also makes it easier for dark forces and beings to send us down a false path, a dead-end path that, as Douno puts it, has no exit. You just keep going around and around in circles, not really making any progress at all. No different from those hooked on the teachings of most popular churches.

Opposite Process

Douno says that is the material world, people use logic and their senses to understand the world around them. They believe in something only after they have evidence of it through the physical senses. While that is often true, there are exceptions. We do believe in some things without any real proof and little evidence. Things like aliens, Bigfoot and fairies. But even when we limit that to the physical realm, the sense can easily be misled. Optical illusions are examples of that.

With spiritual things, they are generally unseen by materialistic people. They can only be seen if you believe they exist, or at least that they are possible. When you disbelieve, your own mind is blocking them. So Douno is partly correct in saying that it is the opposite with spiritual things and you have to believe before you can experience it. What you really need is an open mind that accepts sch things, not more belief in things without proof.

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Divine Nature of Man and the Universal Soul

“The incomprehensible richness and loftiness of the Divine Nature, the outpouring generosity toward all in common, fills a man with wonder. And, above all, he wonders at the universality of God and His outpouring upon all things. For he beholds the incomprehensible Essence as a common fruition of God and all saints. And he sees the Divine Persons as a common outpouring and a common activity in grace and in glory. … And he beholds heaven and earth, sun and moon, the four elements, together with all creatures, and the course of the heavens, created for all in common. God, with all His gifts, is common to all: the angels are common; the soul is common to all its powers, to the whole body, to all its members, …. for the soul cannot be divided, save by reason. For though, according to the reason, … the spirit and the soul are divided; in nature they are one.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Divine Nature

The sun sends out light to all. If some choose to hide in shadows and not receive that light, it is not the sun’s fault. Likewise with the grace and Light from God. Despite talk of certain people being chosen, God sends his Light to all. The chosen are simply those who make the effort to take in the Light and use it.

Just as physical light comes to us from the physical sun, God’s spiritual light comes to us from the spiritual sun. That spiritual light shines on all beings, on everything on Earth. But that light will pass right through those who do not want it. Somewhat like metal particles sticking to a magnet, the spiritual light will “stick to” or affect only those who become magnets for it. We do that by first deciding that we want it. Second, we will use it to benefit our spiritual growth, the growth of others, and the growth of the world. Those who think to use it for earthly power will find it doesn’t stay with them. Likewise, those who get greedy and do not want to share the Light. This light wakens our Divine Nature.

Universal God

Most religions today believe in only one God. Yet they also believe that only they are worshiping the true God and other faiths are worshiping false gods. If only one God exists, then we are all under that same God. We are all cared for by that one God. Not only is that one God the God of all humans, He is also God of all animals, all plants, all that exists. Even the fallen world of matter that He didn’t create, because it originated in His realm of spirit. He is God of that world also, even if Satan has a lot to do with running it. That is what Divine Nature is.

Undivided Soul

The soul cannot be divided. While it makes an interesting story to have Harry Potter’s nemesis, Lord Voldemort, make himself nearly immortal by breaking his soul into pieces and hiding the pieces, it doesn’t happen in real life. If you commit a horrendous act such as murder, your soul may separate from you, but it won’t break into pieces.

But Ruysbroeck says that the spirit and soul cannot be separated from each other. That is also true. You might say that the spirit and the soul are just the two aspects of your complete spiritual self. So whether a spiritual teachers, or some ancient holy book, tells you the soul is important or the spirit it important, it really doesn’t matter. They are so integrated that they can generally be considered one.

In addition, our individual spirit and soul is connected to all other souls via some unknown force that some schools call the “thread of Life”. So in a way, we are not truly separate from those other souls at all and what harms them harms us. “Send not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”, John Donne wrote. He knew what he was talking about. He understood Divine Nature.

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Divine Proportion in the World of Matter

“It has always been known that the Greek craftsmen made use of a secret canon of proportion, revealed only to initiates, which they inherited from the Egyptians, who had preserved it from deepest antiquity. Blavatsky refers to it as the lost canon, and so it remained until it s partial rediscovery earlier this century by the American, Jay Hambidge. For many years Hambidge wrote and lectured on the geometrical types which determined the proportions of Greek vases, paintings,sculpture and which are also the basic model of plant growth and of the human skeleton. … His attempts to persuade artists and architects of the advantages to be gained from using the canonical proportions in design were generally unsuccessful. Artists, encouraged by a fragmented society to regard themselves as great individuals of original genius, have not in modern times cared to study the eternal gods of visual harmony.” ~John Michell

Divine Proportion

Mr. Michell wrote the above quote in his book “City of Revelation” in 1972. I believe he was fortunate enough to see a revival to some degree of respect for the ancient canon of proportion. Perhaps his books and teachings helped with that revival. In any case, what most call Divine Proportion is a real thing and respect for it is making a comeback.

Divine proportion may be complicated in practice, but is simple to understand. It simply means that certain proportions are more harmonious, more pleasing, than others. While there may be good, practical reasons to make things in other shapes, divine proportion is always best when possible. First, of course, one has to spend time studying the rules of divine proportion in order to follow them.

Greeks and Egyptians

The Greeks did get many of their ideas from the Egyptians, including those of divine proportion. The Greek philosopher and spiritual teacher Pythagoras was particular known for his insistence that geometry was a sacred science, not simply mathematics.

And this divine proportion geometry can be seen in nature as well as in things made by man. In the geometry of snowflakes, the arrangements of leaves o plants, and so on.

Many examples of divine proportion can be found in Egyptian art and architecture. But as Mr. Michell notes, they got the knowledge from even older civilizations. And that doesn’t just mean the Babylonians. It also means older civilizations that science doesn’t except, but they existed anyway. Civilizations like those of Atlantis and Lemuria. Civilization that all knew the laws of divine proportion and tried to follow them whenever possible. Continue reading “Divine Proportion in the World of Matter”