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Higher Worlds and the Beings that Live There

“There are entities of the higher worlds in the hierarchy of Being so immeasurably high that to us, they must appear as gods, and collectively—God. But so we, mortal men, must appear to the ant, which reasons on the scale of its special capacities. The ant may also, for all we know, see the avenging finger of a personal God in the hand of the urchin who, in one moment, under the impulse of mischief, destroys its anthill, the labor of many weeks-long years in the chronology of insects. … Who knows and who can affirm or deny?

“The refusal to admit in the whole solar system of any other reasonable and intellectual beings on the human plane than ourselves is the greatest conceit of our age. All that science has a right to affirm is that there are no invisible intelligences living under the same conditions as we do. It cannot deny point-blank the possibility of there being worlds within worlds under totally different conditions to those that constitute the nature of our world; nor can it deny that there may be some limited communication between some of those worlds and our own.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Higher Worlds

Higher worlds are of basically two types. There are those that are part of our physical universe, and those that are none-physical. The higher level physical “worlds” are giant gas planets, stars, and possibly others we have yet to discover. Our science and logic tells us no beings, or at least no higher-level beings can exist in such places. Only things like microbes and germs could live there. But that is because we think of life only as it exists on Earth. Living beings can exist in such places that are so different from us, we wouldn’t even recognize them s beings if one was standing right in front of us. This is particularly true of the stars. We think stars are so hot nothing can live on or in them, but we are wrong. Beings of a very different nature do live there. Live is found almost everywhere. The life force is every bit as powerful as gravity, and reaches just as many places. Continue reading “Higher Worlds and the Beings that Live There”

Porphyry on gods and angels

Porphyry on Gods, Angels, and Man’s Control of Them

“Porphyry ridicules the idea that gods, being wiser, more powerful, and superior to man could be coaxed, persuaded of forced to do the will of man or conform to his desires. … He also states that there are many invisible beings, which may take all possible forms and appear as gods, as men, or as demons. … ‘the gods are not called down to us by our prayers; but we rise up to them by our own holy aspirations and effort; we are connected with them by the all-embracing power of love.’” ~Franz Hartmann (inner quote by Porphyry)

Controlling the Gods

What the ancients called gods may be considered to be much the same as the angels of Christianity. So what Porphyry is really saying is that the idea that man has control over angels, or even God himself, is ridiculous. While we may see such backwards things in modern society as children ordering their parents to do things for them, such never was, and never will be true of higher beings.

On Facebook and other social media, we are frequently seeing posts and memes, like the one illustrating this post,  where we are being advised to “call upon your angels for help,” or “If you are having difficulties, call for your angels”. Sometimes we are even told that if we want something, just ask God and he will do it. Let’s get this straight; God doesn’t take orders from us and angels are controlled by God. Man ordering God to do something is as ridiculous as a snail ordering you to get out of his way. The only time angels help us is when we are doing the work God wants us to do. When we are on the path of enlightenment and are following God’s Divine Plan, we will get help from angels. But f we are on the path of our own egos, angels will not be helping us at all. Any being that helps you with matters of materialism is a demon, not an angel.

The Invisible Beings

Porphyry’s statement about invisible beings is essentially true, but misleading. There are invisible beings, spiritual beings, all around us. And it is basically true that can assume any appearance they want to. However, an angel or Being of Light would never assume the shape of a demon, or pretend to be the spirit of a dead relative. Such pretense is unacceptable to them. They may appear human to avoid frightening us, but not to trick us. Only demons try to trick us by pretending to be angels or departed loved ones. Sadly, many fall for their trickery. The important thing to remember is that just because a being is spiritual doesn’t mean that being is good.

Rising Up

Porphyry says we cannot bring the gods, or angels, down to us, we must rise up to them. That is only half true. When we are making an effort to rise up, in terms of higher frequencies, not elevation, the angels will lower themselves to some degree to communicate with us. They can only lower themselves so far, so it is up to us to rise up following time-tested processes taught in reliable spiritual schools. And much like climbing the allegorical stairway to heaven, it must be done one step at a time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

There is one exception to this. On rare occasions, an angelic being will take human form to become a teacher of true spirituality. Jesus was one such being. Buddha was one also. There have probably been a dozen or so of these angels descending temporarily to our level to try to teach us. Contrary to what many think, they all taught basically the same thing. But it never takes long after they have returned to heaven for men, especially politicians, to alter their teachings again and again until they have little resemblance to the original. That is why any good spiritual school teaches that we must awaken our spiritual faculties and learn truth for ourselves, and not rely on books to supply it.

obstacles, virtue overcomes obstacles

Virtue of Spirit Requires Overcoming Obstacles

“There appear to be four obstacles which hinder the intellect in the acquisition of virtue. First, there is prepossession, that is, the ingrained influence of habits running counter to virtue; and this,operative over a long period, exerts a pressure which drags the intellect down toward earthly thing. Secondly, there is the action of the senses, stimulated by sensible beauty and drawing the intellect after it. Thirdly, there is the dulling of noetic energy due to the intellect’s connection with the body. … The fourth of the obstacles impeding the intellect in acquisition of virtue is the pernicious influence of unclean and hostile demons. It is impossible to speak of all the various snares they set on the spiritual path.” ~The Philokalia

Obstacles to Virtue

There clearly are obstacles to a life of virtue. The spiritual student must be aware of them if he is to succeed in his quest. There are a number of ways to group these obstacles that different schools and religions have used. That found in The Philokalia is as good as any other.

Habits, Bad and Good

Habits are generally a good thing. Many may not believe that, but it is true. We can walk because after falling many times as a baby, we learned to do it properly and keep our balance while we did. It became a habit. Eating, getting dressed, driving a car, and so on are all possible because they become habits. If we got into our car every morning and had to learn how to drive all over again, we would soon give up and take public transportation. It is only when it becomes a habit that we become comfortable with driving, swimming, walking, dancing, and many other things. Continue reading “Virtue of Spirit Requires Overcoming Obstacles”

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The Soul, the Angels, and the Demons

“The Scholar queried: What is an angel, or a human Soul, that they can be manifested either in God’s Love or Anger, either in Light or Darkness?
To whom Theophorus answered: They come from one and the self-same original. They are little branches of the Divine Wisdom, of the Divine Will, sprung from the Divine Word, and made objects of the Divine Love. They are out of the ground of eternity; whence Light and Darkness do spring; Darkness which consisteth in the receiving of Self-Desire, and Light which consisteth in willing the same thing with God. For the conformity of the Will with God’s Will is heaven; and wheresoever there is this willing with God, there the Love of God is undoubtedly working and His Light will not fail to manifest itself.” ~Jacob Boehme

The Soul and Angels

There is quite a bit of knowledge revealed in this short quote. First, we are told that the human soul and the angels come from the “self-same original,” which implies that they are very similar things. This does not mean that we are physically like angels, or that they look like us, only that they are like our souls: pure spirit. Continue reading “The Soul, the Angels, and the Demons”