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First Child of Divine Consciousness

“It was called into being, a ready and perfect vehicle for the incarnating denizens of higher spheres, who took forthwith their abodes in these forms born of Spiritual WILL and the natural divine power in man. It was a child of pure spirit, mentally unalloyed with any tincture of earthly element. Its physical frame alone was of time and of life, as it drew its intelligence directly from above. It was the living tree of divine wisdom; and may therefore be likened to the Mundane Tree of the Norse Legend, which cannot wither and die until the last battle of life shall be fought, while its roots are gnawed all the time by the dragon Nidhogg; for even so, the first and holy son of Kriyasakti had his body gnawed by the teeth of time, but the roots of his inner being remain forever undecaying and strong, because they grew and expanded in heaven not on earth.

“He was the first of the FIRST, and he was the seed of all the others. …There were other ‘Sons of Kriyasakti’ produced by a second Spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the Seed of divine Knowledge.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

First Child

The first child of God, or Divine Consciousness ( Kriyasakti is creative consciousness), is greater than the others that follow. In Christianity, most think of that first son as Jesus, but it would be more accurate to think of him as Christ. Jesus was a man in whom the Christ spirit resided for a time. But the Christ spirit existed long before the birth of Jesus.

Spiritual Will

The first child was born of spiritual will, as was everything else in the realms of spirit. Spiritual will and spiritual thought creates all that exists in the realms of spirit. Likewise, physical will and thought creates the physical world around us. But since the physical world is an illusion, what is being manifest on this level is little more than kids making little animals from clay.

Spiritual will exists in all spiritual beings such as the angels and the Beings of Light. It also exists in the divine soul of man as the soul is also a spiritual being. Most of us never use it while in the material world because the spirit and soul are dormant when we come into this realm. We have to make the effort to awaken those spiritual faculties using spiritual light. Once they are awakened, that Divine first child can be born within us and be a part of us. Continue reading “First Child of Divine Consciousness”

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Great Consciousness that Creates Everything

“The thought of a man has a transforming power. The good, right, nice thought can transform your desperation into a quiet and pleasant condition.

“The thought of a man is a magic wand with which you can create miracles When you lose it, you lose everything.

“God will help you after you have tried everything. What is impossible for a man is possible for God. …

“People become stupid when they ask idols and made-up gods for help. And what do they get from them? They get nothing, and in addition, they lose whatever they have. Pray to the live God, to the Great Consciousness, which is perfection.” ~Biensa Douno

“All phenomena are the products of Consciousness. … Since Consciousness is the source of all life, being and form, energy and matter, any application of this Force has unlimited power in the universe. … We cannot understand the world through our sense perceptions only through Consciousness is this possible.” ~Gene Savoy

Great Consciousness

First, we have to clear up what we mean by consciousness. Some people think in terms of the human brain-mind with its conscious and subconscious parts. They then assume that consciousness is a reference to the conscious mind of man. It isn’t.

Consciousness is something that exists outside of us. It exists without us. It existed before man. It will exist after physical man is long gone. Consciousness is singular. There is only one. But since consciousness created all that exists, there is some consciousness in everything. There is consciousness in the conscious mind, but the two are not the same.

The Great Consciousness is the one consciousness that created everything. It is also called Divine Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness. Some call it the consciousness of God. Other say that it is God, that God is the Great Consciousness and nothing else. However you think of it, the point remains the same. The Great Consciousness crated all and we are part of it. That is not to say that each of us individually is the Great Consciousness. We are a small part of it. All of the little bits of consciousness found in all that exists put together make up the Great consciousness. Continue reading “Great Consciousness that Creates Everything”

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Sun Period of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment

“The second of the great periods of evolution that have been mentioned, the ‘Sun period,’ effects the raising of man’s being to a higher stage of consciousness. … The higher stage which man reaches on the Sun may therefore be characterized in this way: the physical body, already formed in the germ-state on Saturn, is raised to a second stage of perfection by becoming the vehicle of an etheric or vital body. This last-named etheric body attains the first degree of perfection on its own account during Sun evolution. In order, however, that the second degree of perfection .. may be reached, the intervention of still other spirit-beings is necessary during the further course of the Sun life.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Periods of Evolution

A common belief among both materialists and occultists like Steiner is that man has been on a constant upward path of evolution. Spiritual Mystery schools tell a different story. They say that man devolved from spirit into a being of half spirit, half matter. Over time, we have become denser and denser, more and more material. The average human now is probably more like 90% matter.

While we have gone through various periods or cycles of development, I’m not sure we can label them the Saturn period and the sun period. Nonetheless, cycles do exist. Unfortunately for us, those cycles have been more in a downward direction rather than upward. We may have gone through brief periods of spiritual growth, only to have it followed by a longer period of further descent into matter.

Sun Period

That is all changing now. We are still going through cycles of various length, but one major thing has changes. The Sun of Righteousness, promised by the prophet Malachi, has arrived. This makes the spiritual sun far more powerful than before. As a result, we know have the opportunity to turn that descent into matter around and become spiritual beings again. God is in charge of this transforming age, but we have to participate as well.

God made the first big step of sending the Sun of Righteousness to help us. We now have to do our part in the process. We do that by taking in the light of that spiritual sun. We take it in abundance, and share it with others who have not yet learned of the importance of this spiritual light for our real evolution. We participate by developing an open mind. That allows us to learn that most of what we thought was reality is actually illusion. Then we can go on to learn the actual truth. We learn that through our awakened and developed spirit and soul, not through the brain-mind, and not by reading books. The soul does not read books, and ultimate truth s available only to the soul.

Higher Stage of Consciousness

Moving to higher states of consciousness is indeed what it is all about. It is what the Pythagoreans were doing. It is what the Essenes were doing. The primary goal of all the mystery schools was to achieve higher states of consciousness. But this is not a form of mental development. Consciousness and intellect are not the same thing. There are people with degrees and very high IQ’s who are still operating at low levels of consciousness. That is because consciousness is more a spiritual thing than a material one. So developing higher states of consciousness means developing our spiritual faculties. And the current Sun Period is the best time to do that.

Spiritual illuminaries of the past, such as St. Francis, Jacob Boehme, Pythagoras, etc. had to waken without the aid of the Sun of Righteousness. They didn’t live in the Sun Period. It is as if they had to climb out of a deep hole using a rickety, old ladder. With the Sun of Righteousness shining down on us, it is as if we can climb out of the hole using an escalator. So be grateful that you love in the sun period, and use the opportunity it provides.

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Between Materialism and Transcendental Consciousness

“The mystics have a vivid metaphor by which to describe the alternation between the onset and the absence of the joyous transcendental consciousness which forms at it were the characteristic intermediate stage between the bitter struggles of pure Purgation, and the peace and radiance of the Illuminated Life. They call it Ludus Amoris, the ‘Game of Love’ which God plays with the desirous soul. It is the ‘game of chess’ says St. Teresa, ‘in which game Humility is the Queen without whom none can checkmate the Divine King.’ ‘Here,’ says Martinsen, ‘God plays a blessed game with the soul.’ The ‘Game of Love’ is a reflection in consciousness of that state of struggle, oscillation and unrest which precedes the first unification of the self.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Absence of Transcendental Consciousness

This absence is not some rare condition found in an unfortunate few. It is actually the condition most people are in. And sadly, most remain in that condition for their entire life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This absence is characterized by being attached to matter. Even though many such people have religious beliefs, their idea of God and angels is essentially material beings that are superior to man. They may not thing that is the case, but when they ask questions like, “Is God male or female?” they are thinking in terms of matter not spirit.

Between State

If you are traveling from Los Angeles to Athens, Greece there is a period of travel when you are in neither place, but between both. Likewise, when you first began your spiritual awakening, there will be a phase in which you are not full asleep, but not really awakened either. This is the state Underhill calls the Ludus Amoris, or Game of Love state. It is a “game” in the sense that God is testing us to see if we are up to the challenge of the spiritual path. I think, however, that is looking at it from a human point of view.

God is not playing games with our lives as if we are but chess pieces to Him. He knows that great strength is needed to succeed on that path. He wants us to succeed. That is why God and His agents do their best to strengthen us on all levels when we began that path. For that reason, the beginning of the path of awakening is often difficult and depressing. But that intermediate state is preparing us for what Underhill calls joyous transcendental consciousness. Continue reading “Between Materialism and Transcendental Consciousness”