three kingdoms

Three Kingdoms of Man: Mind, Body, Spirit

“Thus we are to consider, and highly to know in the Light of Nature, the ground of the Kingdom of Heaven, and of Hell, as also the ground of the Kingdom of this World, and how Man in the Mother’s Body inherits three kingdoms, and how Man in this life bears a threefold image, which out first parents by the first sin inherited for us; therefore we have need of the Treader upon the Serpent, to bring us again into the angelic Image. And it is needful for Men to tame his body and mind, [or bring them under subjection,] with great earnestness [and labor,] and to admit himself under the Cross, and not to hunt so eagerly after pleasure, riches, and the bravery of this world, for therein sticks perdition.” ~Jakob Boehme

Light of Nature

To most of us, light is light. We don’t think of there being multiple types of light. If we do, it is artificial light and natural light that we think of. But there is a third kind. That is spiritual light. What Boehme is saying here is that natural light is associated with the physical world. So when spiritual people tell you to turn to the light, enter the light, he saw the light, or some such declaration, they do not mean this light of nature. They mean the light of spirit that comes to us through the spiritual sun.

Man in Mother’s Body

This statement should not be taken too literally. It doesn’t refer to man as a fetus. It means man in Mother Nature’s Body. In other words, it means physical man, the man of earth. This man is only a part of the complete man. We are very complex beings. In addition to the physical body and brain-mind, we have a psychic (or astral) body, and a spiritual body and soul. Those levels come not from Mother Nature, but from God. Continue reading “Three Kingdoms of Man: Mind, Body, Spirit”

body as a tool

Body as a Tool of Mind and Soul

“The body is but the machine used by the mind. If it be week, the power of our thought may be largely used and almost useless is resisting its weakness. The mind is then the workman endeavoring to carry out his design with an imperfect tool. Eventually, this detective tool may derange and destroy entirely the workman’s power.

“Strength of mind and body is the cornerstone of all enjoyment and success. The weak body enjoys little or nothing. Our bodies are reservoirs of force. … What is most desirable for all to know is, how to retain the most of that force during our waking hours and if possible to increase it; because this force has a commercial value in dollars and cents. The weak and exhausted body is neither the body for ‘business’ of pleasure, and all business is best done when it is a pleasure to do it.” ~Prentice Mulford

The Body as a Tool

Yes, we can think of the body as a tool for the mind. It might be more accurate, however, to think of the body and mind more like partners who need to work together. Mulford notes that a mind cannot do its job very well with a weak or sick body. It is also true that the body can’t accomplish much with a damaged or weak mind.

But it doesn’t stop there. While Mulford may only be interested in the body and mind, there is also the spirit and soul to be considered. The spirit and soul certainly don’t need the physical body to function. They may use it, however, to help with certain things that they wish to do.

It is not true, however, that the body can exist without a spirit. It can exist without a soul, or at least without the divine soul which is the soul most people mean when they talk about the soul. We also have a mundane soul that is linked to the body. The divine soul, however, is very loosely connected to the body and will leave if the body and mind commit serious acts of violence such as murder.

So in short, we are complex beings and we function best when all the parts work together in peace and harmony. Body, mind, psyche, spirit, and soul all need to be friends and partners. When they are not, or one part is too weak or damaged to properly function, the whole being suffers. Continue reading “Body as a Tool of Mind and Soul”

dependent soul

Dependent Soul Linked to God and all Souls

“The material body is made up of parts, each holding its own place, some in mutual opposition and others in variously interdependent; the soul is in no such condition; it is not whittled down so that life tells of a part of the soul and springs where some such separate portion impinges. Each separate life lives by the soul entire, omnipresent n the likeness of the engendering father, entire in unity and entire in diffused variety. By the power of the soul the manifold and diverse heavenly system is a unit;through soul this universe is a God; and the sun is a God because it is ensouled;so too the stars; and whatsoever we ourselves may be, it is all in virtue of soul;

“This, by which the gods are divine, must be the oldest God of them all and our own soul is of that same ideal nature, so that to consider it, purified, freed from all accruement, is to recognize in ourselves that same value which we have found soul to be, honorable above all that is bodily.” ~Plotinus

Independent Body Parts

Most of us think of our physical body as a whole. We know that it is made up of parts such as organs, blood vessels, etc., but we think of them as just parts of the whole as the parts of a car or a vacuum cleaner. While there is a certain amount of truth to that, it isn’t completely true.

Many of our body parts are more independent than we believe. They operate with their own limited intelligence for their own benefit. Usually, what benefits them also benefits the whole body, but not always. Sometimes, they actually operate in opposition to other parts, or to the health of the rest of the body. This is why we need to be aware of our body and what is happening in it.

If some part is not functioning to the benefit of all, we need to convince it otherwise or take conscious control for a while. We can do that by visualizing that part working properly. Or we can keep telling it on a conscious level what we want it to do until it sinks in.

Dependent Soul

Plotinus says the individual souls never behave in an independent way. They are connected to each other like the cells of a single being. One knows what the others know. What one thinks is proper behavior, the others do as well.

This means that the human soul has access to all the knowledge and wisdom in the universe. It has, in Gnostic terms, achieved Gnosis. But there is a catch to this.

Dormant Soul

First, while the fully conscious soul has all that knowledge and wisdom, we come into the world of matter with our soul in a dormant state. It is very similar to a person who is in a coma. It must be awakened before it can become fully conscious. And only when fully conscious does it have that link to all other souls that give it direct access to all truth, all knowledge.

Second, the now awakened and dependent soul may be linked to other souls, but it may not be well linked to your conscious mind. It may not even be communicating well with your subconscious. So one of the tasks of the spiritual student is to get this dependent soul communicating with the mind. It is not an easy task, but it can be done.

Oldest God

Plotinus says the soul is a part of the “Oldest God”. His is an unusual way to put it, but it does make sense. It is logical to say that the oldest God is the one, true God. All false gods have been created by the oldest God, or by the imaginations of men. So the linked, dependent soul is linked to the true God of spirit, not the false god of matter. Some even say that the soul is part of God. They say the collective consciousness of all souls is God. That may be true. It is not, however, a good idea to think of ourselves as being God. It is better to think in terms of being just a small part of God. Thinking that we are God usually results in an inflated ego, which is not what you want at all when developing your spiritual self.

three bodies

Three Bodies: Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual

“Just as the physical body falls into decay if the etheric body does not keep it together, and as the etheric body sinks into unconsciousness if not illuminated by the astral body, so the astral body would necessarily allow the past to be lost in oblivion unless the ego rescued the past by carrying it over into the present. What death is to the physical body and sleep to the etheric, the power of forgetting is to the astral. We may put this in another way, and say that life is the special characteristic of the etheric body, consciousness that of the astral body, and memory that of the ego.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Three Bodies of Man

Yes, man actually has three bodies. Steiner calls them the physical, etheric, and astral. In Cosolargy, we call them the physical, the psychic, and the spiritual. The names are not that important, it is the fact that we have three bodies and what each one represents that is.

The first thing we have to realize is that because we have three bodies, we function in three different worlds or dimensions. The physical body operates only on the physical level. The psychic body exists on the physical level, but is really only functional on the mental and psychic level of reality. Likewise, the spiritual body is mostly useful in the higher dimensions of spirit. While each body can effect the others, it is primarily a downward movement. A healthy spirit makes the psychic body stronger and healthier. But the health of the psychic body has little affect on the spirit. Similarly, the health of the psychic and spiritual bodies can affect the physical health, yet diseases of the physical body do not contaminate the psychic or spiritual, other than to block access to them.

Physical Body

The physical body is the one all of us are familiar with. Some would say it is the only body we have. Others say simply that it is the most important body and the other two are mere appendages of the physical. Neither of those opinions is correct.

Of the three bodies, the physical is the newest, not the oldest. The physical body descended from the psychic, which descended from the spiritual. The spiritual body is ageless and existed before the others. The Great fall resulted in the generation of the other two.

Nonetheless, the physical body is important. It came into existence to allow us to function in a realm of matter. It is the only body that lets us survive and operate on this level. Yet eventually it will end. This happens usually when it dies. It is also possible that as the world itself transform back into spirit, the physical body will do the same. In either case, the physical body will no longer exist as such once that transition has happened. Continue reading “Three Bodies: Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual”