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Awakened Crowd Growing Larger and Stronger

“ A lost crowd I awakened, saying, You who are alive, holy offspring of Seth, understand this. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. Awaken your divinity to divinity and strengthen your undefiled chosen souls. Observe the constant change that is here and seek the unchanging state of being unborn. The father of all these beings invites you. When you are being rebuked and maltreated, he will not forsake you. Do not wash yourselves with death, nor rely on those who are inferior as if they were superior. … You have come not to suffer but to break your fetters. Break free, and what has bound you will be broken. … When you are invited, listen, for the time is short. Do not be led astray. … Get away quickly before destruction overtakes you. Look to the light, fly from the darkness. Do not be led astray to destruction.” ~The Sermon Of Zostrianos

Awakened Crowd

We are experiencing a great awakening in the world. I’m not sure we can refer to it as an awakened crowd, though. There are probably thousands who have awakened to some degree. But the population of the world is in billions. Those few thousand represent far less than one percent. On the other hand, that is probably the greatest number of awakened people on the planet in thousands of years. And as the number of awakened people continues to grow, and some of them reach the level of spiritual master, we will see the entire world began to transform.

Strengthen Your Soul

Just awakening your spirit and soul isn’t enough. You have to develop them and strengthen them. Just as we develop the mind and the muscles by using them, we develop and strengthen our spiritual faculties by using them. We also develop them b taking in spiritual light to energize them. The spiritual light that comes to us through the spiritual sun. Then you can be part of the awakened crowd. Continue reading “Awakened Crowd Growing Larger and Stronger”

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We Are Light, We Are Spirit

“Then something happened inside of him that transformed his life forever. He looked at his hands, he felt his body, and he heard his own voice say, ‘I am made of light; I am mad of stars.’

“He looked at the stars again,and he realized that its it’s not the stars that create light, but rather light that creates the stars. ‘Everything is made of light,’ he said, ‘and the space in-between isn’t empty.’And he knew that everything that exists is one living being, and that light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information.
“Then he realized that although he was made of stars, he was not those stars. ‘I am in-between the stars,’ he thought. So he called the stars the tonal and the light between the stars the nagual1, and he knew that what created the harmony between the two is life or intent.” ~Don Migual Ruiz

Made of Light

Ruiz is correct. We are light. Our real self is light. That real self is our spirit and soul. Our physical body is a creation of darkness. Darkness in the sense that much of its light has been removed, so relative darkness, not absolute darkness.


Unfortunately, when we awaken our body and mind on the material level of being, everything seems to be matter. We don’t remember our spirit and soul. We don’t remember that we are light. Our spirit knows, but it lies dormant within us. Once it is awakened, we realize what we are. We remember that we come from the Great Light and we are light. So how do we awaken the spirit and soul? With light, of course. Specifically, the light of the spiritual sun.

Spiritual Light

Yes, we are made of light. But there is more than one kind of light. There are many frequencies of light. It is the spiritual light that is most important to us. On the spiritual level, we are light. But not the physical light from the physical sun. We are spiritual light. We are the light that comes from God and reaches us through the intermediary of the spiritual sun. And when are fortunate enough to be living in the time of the Sun of Righteousness which is a brighter, purer, spiritual sun. It shines on us brighter than ever before, and gets brighter every day. It is the reason many are finally awakening to their spiritual self. This is the reason we are beginning to realize that we are not flesh and bone, we are spiritual light. Continue reading “We Are Light, We Are Spirit”

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Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings

“As in the case of the prophets, the Spirit wrought in them and taught them, and was within them, and appeared to them outwardly, so with Adam. The Spirit, when it pleased Him, was with him and taught him, and suggested, ‘Speak thus’ and he aid it. For the word was all things to him, and so long as he abode in the commandment he was a friend of God. And yet why should we be surprised if in spite of such conditions of existence he transgressed the commandment? Those who have been filled with the Holy Ghost still have the thoughts of nature, and have the will to comply with them. Thus Adam, though present with God in paradise transgressed of himself by his own will, and obeyed the evil side. Still, even after the transgression, he had knowledge.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Holy Spirit in Them

It seems clear to me that when Macarius says the saints had the Spirit in them, it means the same as when he says they are filled with the Holy Ghost. Both refer to the awakening of one’s own spirit and soul.

When spiritual teachers speak about having the spirit within, however, many get the idea that it exists within us, and only within us. That is simply not true. First, simply because something is within us doesn’t mean it isn’t also outside of us. Second, spirits, including the Holy Ghost, exist outside of the limits of time and space. So they are everywhere at the same time. Remember, Hermes said “As above, so below, as within, so without.” He didn’t say it was all within ourselves.

Spirit Taught Them

The Holy Spirit teaches us in an indirect way only. When the spiritual light of the spiritual sun awakens our soul, it has access to all the truth and knowledge of the universe. That doesn’t mean it knows everything at once.

When you get a library card, you don’t suddenly know everything that is in the library books. You have to read the books to learn. Likewise, the great knowledge and truth found in the spiritual realms comes through to us a little at a time so we won’t be overwhelmed by it. Continue reading “Holy Spirit and the Knowledge it Brings”

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Working Within a Limited World of Matter

“The whole world, limited as it is by its own inner principles, is called both the place and age of those dwelling in it. There are modes of contemplation natural to it which are able to engender in created beings a partial understanding of the wisdom of God that governs all things. As long as they make use of these nodes to gain understanding, they cannot have more than a mediate and partial apprehension. But when what is perfect appears, what is partial is superseded: all mirrors and indistinct images pass away when truth is encountered face to face. When he who is saved is perfected in God, he will transcend all worlds, ages, and places n which hitherto he has been trained as a child.” ~The Philokalia

Limited World

People generally don’t think of the universe of matter as something limited, yet it is. The more we learn about it, the more we discover how chaotic and destructive it is. It has to constantly be creating because the defective creations of matter have a built-in self-destruction capability. This is a limitation. This makes it a limited world.

Modes of Contemplation

In order for contemplation (or spiritual techniques) to work, they have to operate in accord with the laws of the realm you are in. So here in the limited world of matter, material aids are often necessary. Things like music,crystals and incense.

But it isn’t just the world of matter that we are in. Different methods work better in different parts of the world. In recent decades many in the Western world have been adopting the spiritual growth techniques of the East. Mostly those of India. But what works best in India doesn’t work as well in Chicago or London. And what works best in Chicago or London would not be suitable for India. Spiritual masters understand this and teach appropriately. Those who work without a spiritual teacher or master will rarely do as well as those who do. While many argue that there are many paths that will lead to a spiritual awakening, it makes sense to take the shortest and easiest path available to you. Not that any path is easy or instantaneous, but some are easier than others. Continue reading “Working Within a Limited World of Matter”