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Ancient Knowledge Making a Comeback

“The ancient system of knowledge did not come about in the course of evolution,but first appeared in its highest and most perfect form as an instant revelation from the gods. …Nowhere in antiquity is that belief challenged. … The theory of the gradual evolution of consciousness is absent from the Hawaiian cosmogony, and in its place was substituted the belief that lesser gods had been created by God and that these came down to inhabit the bodies of animal men. … the arts and sciences are said to have been established through divine revelation. … For this reason, the gift of prophecy was highly esteemed. … However, it is a fact beyond dispute that .. the knowledge that produced the first and most perfect institution of the Temple has been in a state of decline.” ~John Michell

Ancient Knowledge

While there are many kinds of knowledge, Michell is talking specifically about the knowledge of sacred numbers and proportion which he refers to as “the Temple” since the temple, whether physical or mental, was designed according to that ancient knowledge. He goes into another aspect of it in the quote, however. Specifically, he points out that according to records of ancient mystery and spiritual schools, including those of Hawaii which was once a very spiritual place, consciousness didn’t evolve gradually.


There is a lot of confusion about consciousness. Some think it simply means the conscious human mind. Dictionaries define it simply as awareness of self or other beings and objects. That is a limited definition that to spiritual people is putting the card before the horse. It is basically saying that lifeforms evolve until they become self-aware. Then they have consciousness, but not before.

The spiritual concept of consciousness is different. We say that if you are conscious of a toad on the ground, then both you and the toad must be conscious, otherwise such a shared experience would be impossible. In this view of consciousness, in order for any being or object to be conscious of another, that being or object must itself be part of consciousness. In short, consciousness can only be aware of itself. Therefore, anything we are aware of is part of consciousness.

Also, consciousness is a mental thing. I don’t think anyone would deny that. We also know that before a thing can be brought into physical reality (manifested), it has to be though of by some being. So none of the physical realm could have existed until after consciousness came into existence. Which means that consciousness is spiritual, not physical. As such, consciousness is outside the limitations of time and space. It is everywhere, always. And there is but one consciousness, though it has many levels or layers. Continue reading “Ancient Knowledge Making a Comeback”

Dynamic geometry

Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth

“Teachers in the centers of education throughout the ancient world, such as that founded by Pythagoras at Croton, understood that is is impossible for anyone to learn anything until he has experienced its truth for himself, and therefore set their pupils to practice the arts of dynamic geometry and numerology in order to exercise the faculty of intuition, through which may be apprehended the essential laws of cosmic motion. In these institutions personal opinions and systems of belief, however ingeniously contrived, were disregarded. The conflict of ideas was seen as one manifestation of the perpetual interaction of elemental forces, and decisions were not reached simply in accordance with the expediency of the time; every feature of existence was determined by reference to a living canon of proportion, formed after the perfect model of the cosmos, and also reflecting the structure of the human mind.” ~John Michell

Teachers of Experience

The primary function of the teachers in the ancient mystery schools was to show their students how to learn truth through experience. For the most part, the students were not taught spiritual facts, but instead were taught to awaken their own spiritual faculties so they could learn those facts through experience. There are two primary reasons for doing it this way. First, the student is more likely to accept the truth if he experiences it for himself. Second, the words to properly express the truth simply don’t exist. Language was created to deal with the world of matter, not spirit. When you try to explain spiritual things in language that doesn’t fit, you get distortion and misunderstandings.

Dynamic Geometry

What does Michell mean by “dynamic geometry”? How can geometry be dynamic? It is dynamic when it is more than just a branch of mathematics.cross of forces

In the Pythagorean school, geometry was studied as a spiritual subject as well as a physical one. The shapes of geometric figures was considered to be the language of the soul. Viewing certain shapes helped waken the dormant spiritual faculties in man. These faculties, in turn, often communicated with the brain-mind using geometry.

I remember having dreams where the sky was full of flying saucers and they were forming groups in basic geometric shapes. I had that dream several times, which is usually an indication that the dream is conveying important information. Yet they all happened long before I learned that geometry is the language of the soul. The earliest known symbol for God uses two simple geometric shapes. Its a circle representing the sun with a simple cross over it. Ancient writings often mention various shapes, and few realize that it is an attempt to communicate something to the soul.


We can exercise our intuition in many ways. Understanding the meaning of geometric shapes is just one of them, but an important one. Understanding how these basic shapes relate to the structure of the universe and the forces that control it is even more important. Intuition helps us understand dynamic geometry and dynamic geometry helps strengthen intuition. Continue reading “Dynamic Geometry and Learning Truth”

Great Light

Great Light That Awakens the Soul

“Egypt was a land destined for greatness; its people should have led all others towards the Great light. Egypt failed in its destiny because those who were entrusted with power and position proved unworthy. Its kings, who should have reared families dedicated to goodness and inspiration; betrayed their trust to satisfy the weaknesses of men. … The priesthood become corrupt when it offered  a life of ease and abundance instead of a life of service and austerity. The ideals of men were above reproach, but man himself was unworthy of them. … The sacred lore of Egypt, enshrining the treasure of the ages, was possessed by only a select few who safeguarded it as nothing else has ever been guarded, because of its greatness.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:13)

Great Light in Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a land where the Great Light was known, at least to some. There is ample evidence of this in the art and writings of those times. Egypt even had some pharaohs who were true believers that did all they could to keep the truth alive, while protecting it from those who would abuse such knowledge.

But as with other civilizations, Egypt was eventually taken over by materialism and the dark forces that support it. Fortunately, they passed the Great Light on to others before it dimmed too much in their land.

The Great Light in Other Lands

The early Greeks had many connections with Egypt. Much of it was commerce, but not all. There were exchanges of ideas, especially spiritual ones. In short, many Greek priests and philosophers were taught in the great schools of ancient Egypt. They too learned about the Great Light, where to find it, and how to use it. Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, and many other great from the Golden Age of Greece either were taught by Egyptian holy men, or by other Greek philosophers who were taught by the Egyptians.

The Greeks, in turn, shared their knowledge with true seekers from other lands, primarily Rome. It is not a coincidence that Roman gods and myths are so similar to those of Greece.

The Great Light awakened people in other lands as well. China, Japan, the British Isles, Hawaii and many others have historical evidence that such knowledge was taught in their spiritual schools at some time in the past. Continue reading “Great Light That Awakens the Soul”

training, Universal Religion

Universal Religion in the Ancient World

“The Secret Doctrine as the universally diffused religion of the ancient and prehistoric world. Proofs of its diffusion, authentic records of its history, a complete chain of documents, showings its character and presence in every land, together with the teachings of all its great adepts, exist to this day in the secret crypts of libraries belonging to the occult fraternity. …
“The Occultists assert that all these exist, safe from Western spoliating hands, to re-appear in some more enlightened age. … There were portions of the Secret Science that for incalculable ages had to remain concealed from the profane gaze. But this was because to impart to the unprepared multitude secrets of such tremendous importance, was equivalent to giving a child a lighted candle in a powder magazine.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Universal Religion

There is evidence that there was a universal religion, or spiritual teaching, in the ancient world. Not just the usually mentions locations of Egypt, Babylonia, and Greece. Evidence of it can be found in Peru and China. This doesn’t mean that everyone followed those teachings, or even that they were practiced openly everywhere. This universal religion was found just about everywhere, but coexisted with many other religions. In some cases, the state supported faiths would not allow such practices openly. In others, the communities practicing the advance universal religion had to hide from other religions that would persecute them.

Historians might claim this is not true, but they are stating that based on there limited knowledge. They do not have access to those secret libraries that Madame Blavatsky mentions. Also, they do not understand the allegory used in the publicly available writings about this religion. They see different words that to them indicates different teachings. Only the spiritual adept understands that in different places different allegory was used to mean the same thing. The fact that the ancient Phoenix of Babylonia and the Native American Thunderbird both symbolize the human soul would escape them. Continue reading “Universal Religion in the Ancient World”