Ego and Soul Work Miracles Together

“Regard not any scorn of the world, as considering that it doth but scorn thy enemy, and that it become a fool to it. Nay, do thou thyself account it thy fool, which Adam caused thee to possess,and made to be thy false heir. Cast out of thy house the Son of the Bond-Woman, that strange child which God did not give to be in the house of life in Adam in the beginning; for the son of the Bond-Woman must not inherit with the son of the Free-Woman.

“The earthly will is but the son of the Bond-Woman. For the four elements should have been man’s servants, but Adam hath brought them into himself, therefore God said to Abraham when He had opened the Covenant of the promise to him, cast out the son of the bond-woman, for he shall not inherit with the son of the free. This son of the free is Christ, which God of His grace hath brought again into flesh for us, namely, a new or renewed mind, wherein … the eternal will of the soul may draw and drink in the water of life, of which Christ speaks. … It shall spring up in him and be a fountain of eternal life. This fountain is the renovation of the mind or will of the Soul.” ~Jacob Boehme

Scorn of the World

This is far more of a problem today than it was in the time of Boehme, several hundred years ago. In those days, people had respect for religion and for those who practiced it fervently. Some may have been unfriendly towards spiritual people who didn’t follow the accepted religious practices, however. We know that Boehme had to be careful with what he wrote because he could have been accused of blasphemy and imprisoned for it.

Today the problem is nearly the reverse, but even more of a problem. It is religious people who are shunned or laughed at, to a large degree. On the other side, those who do follow the major churches laugh at those following more spiritual practices rather than churches. In some cases, it is justified. So many follow self-appointed gurus who make up their teachings with no authority at all. Many of them are only interested in selling books, not saving souls. Still, we all should have the right to follow the path we choose.

Then there are those who call themselves spiritual simply because they are against religion of any sort. This further confuses matter for those who truly are awakening their spiritual selves and are looking for guidance. They won’t find it in the atheists who call themselves spiritual.

Thy Fool Called Ego

What Boehme is calling Adam’s fool is the ego or materialistic mind. The earthly mind concerns itself only with matters of the physical world. Some spiritual writers claim, with ridiculously excessive simplicity, that the path to spiritual truth is to destroy this ego. Yet those authors have not done so themselves or they would never have been able to write a book. Ego gives us drive, the desire to accomplish. It needs to be controlled, not destroyed. We need to continue to function in the physical world at the same time that we develop our spiritual faculties. We can’t do that without ego.

Son of the Bond-Woman

Once again Boehme is talking about the ego. A bond-woman is a slave or indentured servant. This seems to be saying that ego is a slave, but I think it really means to say that we are slaves of ego. Boehme continues on to say that the four elements should have been the servants of man. That is, man should be fully in charge of the physical elements of the planet. I truth, we are, we just don’t know it. Because of our ignorance, we don’t exercise that control of the planet as we should. We fill with angry and violent thoughts. Nature responds with hurricanes and earthquakes. We are jealous of our neighbor’s success, so nature responds with droughts and plagues. We think we have nothing to do with such things, but collectively, we are making them happen. But we are sons of slaves because we don’t know it and don’t control it. Once again, the solution is not to destroy the ego. That would only leave the planet in control of others who still have an ego. The solution is to control the ego and use the powers of the mind wisely.

Will of the Soul

How do we control the Ego? We do it with the will of the soul. The soul is like a spiritual mind. It is superior to the physical brain-mind in many ways. That doesn’t mean it should replace it. It only means that the soul should be controlling the brain-mind. But a sleeping soul can’t do that.

When we are born into the material world, our spirit and soul are with us, but in a dormant state. That is probably because falling into matter is a traumatic experience for our spirit and soul. So they arrive here in a kind of coma. Awakening them is the first and foremost duty of the spiritual student. Only then, can the veil be lifted from the Great illusion that surrounds us. Only then can the soul take control of the ego and keep it in check. The ego and the soul are the yin-yang of humanity. We need both to fully function in this world.


Mockingbird Song, Mockingbird Lament

“The mockingbird is gray on top and white on its underside. It has white patches on its wings that look like bars; a long black tail, and white outer feathers and a long, slender bill. Males and females look alike.

“The mockingbird is very territorial. It dives and attacks intruders that come too close to its territory. It may even attack its own reflection!

“The mockingbird was given its name because of its ability to mimic the calls of dozens of other bird species. In fact, the mockingbird’s Latin name, Mimus polyglottos, means many-tongued mimic. The mockingbird has even been known to mimic the sounds of dogs and sirens! The mockingbird is especially vocal on moonlit spring nights.” ~NatureWorks


The mockingbird has a great talent. It can imitate the calls of many other birds. It can even imitate the calls of dogs, cats, sirens, and bells. It has learned to annoy the hell out of people by imitating the ring of their cellphones. But the mockingbird also has a song of its own. It isn’t stuck being a mimic at all times. It only does it to confuse, or to have fun, or just because it likes the sound of something so it imitates it. Who can say for sure the motivation of the mockingbird? But that is only true of the literal mockingbird.

Allegorical Mockingbirds

There are other kinds of mocking birds, including humans. We imitate each other. We may even imitate other species. This is just as wonderful a talent as with the literal mockingbird. But it can also be a curse. We are not just taught to speak, dress, and live like others. We are also taught to act like others and think like others. We are taught to believe what others believe. That might be just fine if everyone we were mimicking believed the truth. It would be fine if everyone we mock is someone worth mocking. Unfortunate, it isn’t. Many people firmly believe things because they were told to them by someone they trusted. Parents, teachers, priests and ministers, even scientists. People love to push their beliefs on others, even when they have no evidence that those beliefs are true. We love training mockingbirds. We love to see ourselves in a mirror. When the mirror is a young mind being indoctrinated into society, we love it even more. How wonderful to look into a child and see a mirror image of ourselves!

But the mockingbird doesn’t always imitate. Can we say the same?

Stuck as Mockingbirds

The problem with humans acting like mockingbirds is that we forget it is just an act. We start to thing the imitation self we have created, with a great deal of help from others, is really who we are. We will give speeches on how right we are in our fantasy selves. We will fight in wars to protect our imitation self. But, sadly, few of us make an effort to bring out our true self. This is especially true on the spiritual level.

Spiritual Mockingbirds

Being physical and mental mockingbirds is bad enough, but we also do it on a spiritual level. Studies have shown that a large majority of people belong to the same religion or church that their parents belonged to. Like the person who refuses to admit he voted for the wrong politician, we don’t want to admit that the church our parents sent us to since we were children is not sufficient. Only a small number start feeling inside that the activities of those churches, which are more like social clubs than spiritual development institutions. Even worse, many of those who finally do make that realization, then join some spiritual group that is just as bad. They love to say that religion is following someone else, spirituality is learning it for yourself. Then they will follow a spiritual development method because it is popular, not because it has been proven to work.

In spirituality, we must be willing to go out on a limb. We must be willing to try methods that our spiritual friends don’t practice, and may have not even heard of. McDonald’s may be the most popular restaurant, but that doesn’t make it the best. So follow that spiritual meme for real. Don’t be a spiritual mockingbird. Greatness doesn’t come from imitating others.



Darkness and Light and Their Eternal War

“Let us worship the spirit of the comforter, bless lord Jesus who sent us the spirit of truth. He came and split us from the world’s error. He came with a mirror, we looked. In it was the cosmos. When the holy spirit came she disclosed the way of truth. It taught us two natures, light and darkness, distinct from the beginning. The kingdom of light has five greatnesses: father and his twelve aeons, and the aeons of aeons, the living air, the land of light, and the enormous spirit through whom they breath and which nourishes them with light. But the kingdom of darkness has five storehouses: smoke and fire and wind and water and darkness. Their advocate creeps in them, inciting them to make war on each other. When making war they dared attack the land of light. They supposed they could vanquish it and didn’t know that their plans would crash down on their own heads. There was a horde of angels in the land of light, ready to pour out and break the father’s enemy. They were pleased to have the father’s word to rout those rebels who saw themselves exalted. The angels were like a shepherd who sees a lion padding near to destroy the fold, who cunningly takes a lamb and sets it as a snare to catch the lion. With a single lamb he saves his fold, heals the lamb, and wounds the lion. Such is the way of the father who sent forth his strong son” ~The Coptic Manichaean Songbook

Spirit of the Comforter

It seems odd to me to refer to Jesus as a comforter. He came to rock the boat. He came to get people out of their complacency and acceptance of limited, materialistic views of religion. While he offered comfort by telling us the true God of spirit was a loving and tolerant God, unlike the vengeful and Jealous Jehovah, He also came to get us out of our comfort zone and into working for the true awakening of our souls. He promised comfort, but only by working hard to reach that stage of development first. Sadly, many Christians of today have wondered far from what Jesus was actually teaching and now believe that he was the comforter and didn’t want us to do anything, just let him do it all and we could simply worship Him. That, of course, is not at all what Jesus taught. It isn’t what any of the great founders of religions taught. Comfort comes only after each of us does the hard work himself.

World of Error

In the time of Jesus, the world was in error by believing that sacrificing animals or other things to God (or gods) was the way to win favor. The idea that destroying the creatures that were already God’s would please Him is just stupid, yet many believed it. Jesus taught us that what the real God wanted us to sacrifice was our own materialistic and egotistical wants and desires, and instead develop our spiritual faculties.

Today, the religious environment is different, but just as lost as back then. None of the major religions of today engage in human or animal sacrifice. But some of them have become very materialistic. Many think that helping people with material problems is what religion is all about. Wrong! While feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc., are all good things to do, they are social goods, not spiritual. So that is why this is a world of error and has been for a long time. But we are now at the dawn of a new Golden Age of Light that will change that if we don’t prevent it from happening.

Two Natures

There are two natures. The one nature of light, and the one of darkness. The quote says they were distinct from the beginning, but that is not exactly true. The darkness did not exist at all until it was created by the Demiurge. Before that, all was light. But it is correct to say that the realm of light is completely separate from the realm of darkness.

There are many who say that we can’t develop only our light side, our light being. They say we must develop both the light and dark equally. That is the wish of the dark demons who rule that realm. We have to acknowledge that the darkness is real. We do not have to embrace it. We have to convert it back into light. We have to bring more and more light into the darkness until there is no darkness left. God will be doing most of it, but only if we decide to help.

War of Light against Darkness

The Manichaean song quoted above has it correct. There is a war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. It is a foolish war, but then the fans of darkness are fools. If we think of ordinary darkness and light, it will be obvious that light defeats darkness simply by being present. Put a light into a dark room and it is no longer dark. It may still have dark corners, but it isn’t completely dark. Now try putting a piece of darkness into a brightly lit room and what happens? First, how do you do that? You can use a lamp, candle, or flashlight to put light into a room, but how do you add darkness? Second, even if you had some device that could add darkness to the room, it would still be lit. Darkness can’t overcome light. Only by removing the light can the room become dark.

But in the war of light vs darkness, we are speaking of a different kind of light. This is a spiritual light. It is a light of truth and wisdom. It is a light of peace and growth. Whereas the darkness on this level represents the world of lies, greed, death, and disease. In short, the light is spirit and the darkness is matter. But much like the regular light and darkness, spiritual light is never totally eliminated. The darkness of matter is never total. There is always a little spirit hidden within it. This makes it possible for those being trapped in the realm of matter to be saved. They are saved by transformation.

Weapons in the War

Artists often depict the war of Light against Darkness as if it were an ordinary human war with both sides fighting with swords, knives, or even guns. Nothing could be further from the truth. The weapons in this war are quite different. The weapons of the forces of darkness are lies, deception, and control. The weapons of light are truth, wisdom, freedom, and transformation. The angels not only work to transform us, humans, they even work on transforming those fallen angels and their offspring. They have succeeded with some, at least to the extent of getting them to switch sides. But we must all transform before the world we live in can transform as well. That will be the final end of darkness.

soul advancement

Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All

“During the process of the soul’s purification and advancement, it loses sight not only of itself, but of all things else; except God; and even of the distinct apprehension of our Lord, in His humanity. That is, there are no longer distinct, bounded views and perceptions of Christ, the soul becoming identical with Christ. This is necessary in order to draw the soul into oneness with God. Let all go in the divine order. When the soul has returned to its end and origin, and is lost in God, it finds all it lost, without going out from God.
“When the soul is yet in itself, it draws all things to itself and sees God and all creatures in itself. But when the soul is in oneness with God, it carries all creatures with it in God, and sees nothing separate from God. Seeing all in God, it sees all things in the true light, as with the eye of God. This is what David calls, ‘Seeing light in thy light.’” ~Madam Guyon

Soul Advancement

In a sense, there is no advancement or purification needed by the soul. It is just a matter of awakening and developing it. The soul, being unlimited by time and space, already knows all truth. But it forgets it, in a sense. So the first step of soul advancement, or spiritual development, is to awaken the soul from its slumber. Then gradually, reintroduce it to the truth it always knew but doesn’t remember. It is a matter of making the unconscious soul into a fully conscious one.

Lose Sight of Itself

I think what Madam Guyon is saying here is that the soul that is not fully awakened tends to be self-centered, much like the ego of the brain-mind. It looks at everything in relation to itself. It is the center of the universe, and everything else is circling around it. I’m not sure the soul ever really thinks that way, but it is reasonable to look at it that way.

It “loses sight of itself,” when it starts thinking more in terms of itself being part of the All, being one with the All, and not as something separate from other things, other beings. It is like St. Francis calling all creatures, all beings, his brothers and sisters. He was one with them, they were one with him. Continue reading “Soul Advancement is Uniting With the All”