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Random Thoughts: Communicating Minds

communicating mindsI have written on this blog about my belief that human minds communicate with each other regularly, but most of us are not aware of it because it happens on a subconscious level. This article that was recently being shared on Facebook backs up the basic idea of human minds communicating with each other in a scientific study:


In the news this week only two mass shootings. It has nothing to do with guns, we are told, because someone could just as easily drove through a city randomly killing people with rocks. Except, of course, they can’t come up with a single example of when that happened.


Like many others, I don’t agree with the decision of The Huffington Post to change the name of its gay section to “Queer Voices”. Queer has always meant weird, different, and usually not in a good way so I don’t see this as a positive thing. Queer is the bearded lady, the two-headed snake, the guy with backwards feet, not gays. Continue reading “Random Thoughts: Communicating Minds”

Tumbling Tumbleweed

Don’t Be a Tumbling Tumbleweed

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

When I was a kid, I liked the song about tumbleweeds. When I saw tumbling tumbleweeds in movies and on television, I thought they were cool. Instead of staying in one place like most plants, they got to move around, to go places, and that seemed like a good idea.

Now that I am an adult and I live in Nevada, I know better. First, the tumbleweed may seem to be traveling, going places, but it isn’t; it is simply being blown about by the wind with no control over where it goes. Second, the tumbleweeds don’t tumble until they are dead (according to the conventional idea of death). A living tumbleweed stays put, just like other plants.

The tumbleweed is an annual plant that pops up in the spring and grows into a somewhat globular shape quickly. It has shallow roots, but they are usually deep enough to keep it in place in the spring and summer. In the fall, the plant dies and dries up. When heavy winds blow—a common occurrence in the Western states—the shallow roots may be pulled right out of the ground and the whole plant sent tumbling through the desert, or down a street. And rather than being romantic, they are annoying to those who live where they grow. They blow onto your property, get caught in your fences, and jump out in front of you while you’re driving. Continue reading “Don’t Be a Tumbling Tumbleweed”

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Random Thoughts 10-18-2015

A recent study has the scientists baffled. They found that the “placebo effect”, the ability of simple sugar pills to cure illness or end pain in people who are suffering from some illness, is getting more common, but only in the United States. My guess is it’s because most people here foolishly trust doctor and drug companies.


LQ-Game1I love those La Quinta Inn ads where various business metaphors appear literally. The saying, “swim with the sharks,” is illustrated with a guy actuallyLQ-Shark swimming with sharks and the “game changer” keeps changing his outfit to match the sport mentioned by the client. It’s a great illustration of what happens when metaphor or allegory is interpreted literally. Are you listening Evangelical Christians?


BrotherSunPosterI learned recently that the music for the movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon about the awakening of St. Francis was written by Donovan. That surprised me a little since most of Donovan’s hits don’t seem very religious or spiritual, but you never know what many celebrities are really like. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it highly. While it doesn’t reveal everything about Francis’ awakening, it does better than most movies and books on the subject. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 10-18-2015”

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Random Thoughts 9-20-2015

Fate hands Donald Trump a golden opportunity to prove he is presidential, and he fails. On the other hand, if he called out the lies in the statements of the Islamophobe, he would probably be deserted by half of his current following.


I’m glad they have identified the little girl known as “baby Doe” and arrested her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. I certainly hope this isn’t going to be one of those cases where either the mother killed the child in order to keep the boyfriend or the boyfriend killed the child and told the mother to keep quiet about it. Continue reading “Random Thoughts 9-20-2015”