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“It is highly probable that the Greek initiates gained their knowledge of the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of music from the Egyptians, who in turn, considered Hermes the founder of the art According to one legend, this god constructed the first lyre by stretching strings across the concavity of a turtle shell. Both Isis and Osiris were patrons of music and poetry. Plato, in describing the antiquity of these arts among the Egyptians, declared that songs and poetry had existed in Egypt for at least ten thousand years and that these were of such an exalted and inspiring nature that only gods or godlike men could have composed them. In the Mysteries the lyre was regarded as the secret symbol of the human constitution, the body of the instrument representing the physical form, the strings the nerves, and the musician the spirit.” ~Manly P. Hall

Healing Music

The idea that music has healing powers is not new. Ancient shaman played drums and chanted to heal. The Australian Aborigines used the didgeridoo more for healing than for music. In modern times, the art of using sound for healing has become a science. Scientific methods have been used to find specific sounds and frequencies that heal certain illnesses or body parts.

We all know that certain types of music can be soothing. Other types can excite and make you happy. Still others can make you sad. Our mother’s singing or playing lullabies to us as babies is generally our fist introduction to this. Some farmers play music in their fields to produce better crops. And when I toured a small Tequila distillery in Mexico a few years ago, I learned that they played classical music to the bins of aging tequila. They said it produced a smoother, more mellow product. If you wish to delve deeper in healing sounds, visit the sonatherapy website.

Hermes’ Lyre

A good indication of the importance of music to the ancients is the legend of the lyre of Hermes. This is crediting a god with the creation of music. Of course, that doesn’t include natural music like the rustling of leaves or the songs of birds.

In this legend, Hermes is said to have use the shell of a turtle to form his lyre. In spiritual symbolism, a turtle generally represents persistence, endurance, and determination. It is a reminder that progress is sometimes slow, but steady.

In life, and especially in spiritual growth, we all need to practice persistence and determination. We also have to remember that a true spiritual awakening isn’t cup-a-soup. You can’t just add water and be awake in two minutes. It takes slow and steady progress like the turtle.

Spiritual Healing Music

When developing our spiritual faculties, there are a number of tools that can assist. These tools don’t do the work for us, but they do make it easier. Some of the tools are crystals & gems, incense, and music(or sounds). Playing certain music can help open us up to spiritual growth. In addition, certain sounds produced on harps, organs, or crystal singing bowls, help raise our frequencies. Since spirits and the spiritual worlds operate at higher frequencies than the physical, raising our frequencies aids spiritual growth. And the soothing power of music can help us overcome our emotional weaknesses that limit our spiritual growth.

Healing music that heals the body and mind is also aiding our spiritual growth. That is because we can more easily work on our spiritual self when the physical and mental is strong and healthy. So when you need a boost to your health on any level, let music be one of the natural tools you use.


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