age of darkness

“Those who animal-like live solely according to the senses make the Logos flesh for themselves in a dangerous way: they misuse God’s creation in order to indulge the passions. They do not understand the principles of that wisdom which is revealed to all that we should know and praise God through his creation and that by means of the visible world we should understand whence we came, what we are, for what purpose we were made and where we are going. On the contrary, they travel through the present age in darkness, fumbling with both hands merely their ignorance of God. …

“They tie down the dignity of the soul to the external worship of the Law. … They think that God will be pleased with sacrifices. … They pay much attention to the body, … but neglect the soul.” ~The Photokalia

Living By the Senses

Those who live by the senses have embraced the idea that the fallen realm of matter is the only thing that exists, and it is the realm of God. Anyone who pays attention to the spiritual writings of almost any religion, and all mystery schools, know that is not true. Jesus made it clear that the Kingdom of God was not the land of matter. Nonetheless, we ave many Christian sects today who practice Christianity as a branch of materialism.

Feeding the poor, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, and so on are all good things. I don’t think anyone could argue that they are not. But they are all things on the physical level. They do not benefit the spirit and soul of those being helped, or even those doing the helping. Such people don’t understand that when Jesus helped “open the eyes of the blind,” with a few rare exceptions, it was the spiritually blind he was helping not the physically blind. And while he may literally have turned water to wine at the wedding, it is the symbology of that event that really matters. With water representing the physical, and wine representing the spiritual, the tale is telling us that Jesus specialized in turning matter back into spirit. With people, of course, he didn’t change them Himself, but turned them in the right direction so they could save themselves (with God’s help).

Principles of Wisdom

I have to disagree with the author of this part of the quote. We don’t learn about our true self, our mission, or our destination by studying the physical world. While a study of nature is a good place to start, we need to go beyond that.

If our goal is to gain wisdom, especially Divine wisdom, we need to look beyond the physical to the spiritual. We start by looking at the spiritual sun. We practice a form of sungazing, but emphasize the spiritual sun hidden behind the physical one.

Present Age of Darkness

I don’t know how anyone could be aware of what the world is like today and not believe we are in a state of darkness. The very basics of the realm of matter: that we have to kill and eat other beings to survive, that we age and die anyway, that we war against each other due to imaginary problems, etc. tells us this is a realm of darkness. And in recent decades, it has only gotten worse.

The good news is that we haven’t reached the point of total darkness. There is still enough light left in us to be able to change direction.

Golden Age of Tomorrow

If enough of us choose to turn around and head toward the Light, we can help bring about the promised new Age Golden Age of Light. It can’t happen overnight, but it can happen. We will then live without killing, without disease, and without aging. We can live in peace with each other, and will all living beings. We cannot be conned into doing things that are against our best interests. There won’t be anyone who wants to con us. But if their was, they would fail because we will know and understand truth and wisdom. We will have achieved Gnosis. The age of Darkness will be permanently over.


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