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“Speak concerning the truth to those who seek it and of knowledge to those who, in their error, have committed sins. Make sure-footed those who stumble, and stretch forth your hands to the sick. Nourish the hungry, and set at ease those who are troubled. Raise up and awaken those who sleep. You are this understanding that seizes you. If the strong follow this course, they are even stronger. Turn your attention to yourselves. Do not be concerned with other things, namely, that which you have cast forth from yourselves, that which you have dismissed. Do not return to them to eat them. Do not be moth-eaten. Do not be worm-eaten, for you have already shaken it off.

“Do not be a place of the devil, for you have already destroyed him. Do not strengthen your last obstacles, because that is reprehensible. For the lawless one is nothing. He harms himself more than the law. For that one does his works because he is a lawless person. But this one, because he is a righteous person, does his works among others. Do the will of the father, then, for you are from him. THE SWEETNESS OF THE FATHER For the father is sweet and his will is good. He knows the things that are yours, so that you may rest yourselves in them.” ~Gospel of Truth

Speak Truth

It sounds simple to tell people to speak truth, but it isn’t. First, you need to know the truth before you can speak it. Man of us think we know truth , but all we really know is widely-accepted opinion. So we need to recognize the difference between truth and opinion, and actually know truth before we can speak of it to others. Second, you can’t speak truth to just anyone. You can only tell a person that which he is ready to hear. This is especially true when speaking of spiritual matters. And you have to try to avoid telling spiritual truths to evil people who will misuse that knowledge for evil purposes. So speak truth, but only when doing so serves good.

Make Sure-footed

It is our responsibility to help others, provided the want to be helped. We do need to help those who stumble. Curing those who are sick is also a good thing. And there is certainly good in feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. But more important than those physical needs are spiritual needs. We need to help those who are blind to spirit to see truth. Those who are spiritually hungry need care as much as those who are physically hungry. So helping others is an important part of spiritual growth, but most important is helping them grow spiritually as well.

Strong Get Stronger

Following the path of spiritual growth and enlightenment is not an easy one. It requires mental strength and stamina. It requires a willingness to work for what you want. For that reason, the path of a true spiritual awakening is a tough one that makes us stronger. His is necessary because as we grow, we will be faced with strong opposition from Satan and his demons.

Do the Will of God

It seems obvious to me that if you want to grow spiritually and become enlightened, you should do the will of God. Yet there are those who say we can do the will of Satan and the will of God. They believe there is no good or evil, everything just is. The only beings who ever teach that are the ones who are evil and don’t want you to know.

So we must do the will of God. We must speak truth, we must help others. We do those things within the limitations of the physical world, but we do them.


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