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“The just reward of those who follow the path of ease and indolence is condemnation in the recesses of disgrace and shame. …

“These our ordinances are not made to provide for the comfort and ease of man not even for his bodily welfare, but for the benefit of his eternal soul. Here his soul is to be purged and quickened to life by the strong waters f wisdom infused with the greatest amount of truth he can tolerate. …

“Man was raised out of the womb of Earth to rule its surface, but here, the existing powers gather into two camps of everlasting hostility. Life opposes death, the champions of light challenge the champions of darkness. Truth confronts falsehood. There is a leader of light and a leader of darkness, a commander of life and a commander of death.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:20:10-12)

Just Rewards

Just rewards, karma, the golden rule, are all the same thing. Whether we like it or not, the world of matter has laws. One of those laws is that we must earn what we get and get what we earn. Yet we know there are people who inherit great wealth and never work a day in their life.

On the surface, it would seem that karma isn’t working with them. But physical life is only a small part of reality. What kind of afterlife awaits those lazy people? Not a good one, that is for sure. And while they may be living in luxury, they may also be secretly suffering from diseases, unfaithful spouses, employees who rob them, and so on. Those rose gardens often have many thorns.

Spiritual Rewards

But we, like the Kolbrin Bible, are more concerned with the spiritual than the physical. And being lazy is even more significant in the spiritual world than in the physical.

Throughout history we read of holy men being put to great trials before God accepts them and shares Wisdom and Truth with them. Many will deny that this matters. They think just by wishing for it, they can get it. But the dark enemies of God and truth are powerful beings. Strength is needed to confront them. You don’t get that strength from being lazy. You also don’t get it from believing that all you have to do to get something is wish for it. Just as you get strength in your physical muscles by working them and using them, you get spiritual strength from working hard on your spiritual growth and development.

Two Camps

The world of duality is very real. At least in the realm of matter. Male and female, hot and cold, light and dark. They are not fantasies as some claim. Duality is a very real thing in this world. And evil is just as real as goodness. Those who deny that evil exists are the ones living in a fantasy. Every time I hear someone express that belief in spiritual groups on social media, I think of the evil emperor in Star Wars telling Luke “There is no good or evil, only power”. Luke, fortunately knew better.

When it comes to just rewards, we have to realize that the “reward” for our action could come from either camp. It depends on which one benefits from, or inspired our behavior. If we did something to aid the spiritual growth of ourselves or others, the reward will come from the forces and beings of Light. That is the desirable result. But if they benefit the dark ones, then we get what they have to offer. The rewards of darkness are living in lies and fantasies. Then when your physical self dies, you learn the truth of it too late to change. But if you worked with the Light Beings and lived in truth and wisdom, your just rewards will help you to continue to grow after physical death until you eventually reach the highest level of consciousness possible.


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