against God

“We have cried against the god of truth because all his work . . . is eternal. These are against our spirits. For now we know that our souls will die in death. Then a voice came to them. Micheus and Michar and Mnesinous, who are over the holy baptism and the living water, were saying, ‘Why were you crying out against the living god with lawless voices and tongues without law over them, and souls full of blood and foul deeds? You are full of works that are not of the truth, yet your ways are full of joy and rejoicing. Having defiled the water of life, you have drawn it within the will of the powers to whom you have been given to serve them.
‘And your thought is not like that of those people whom you persecute. . . . Their fruit does not wither. But they will be known up to the great eternal realms, because the words they have kept, of the god of the eternal realms. … ‘
They shall live forever, because they have not been corrupted by their desire, … nor have they performed the works of the powers, but they have stood in his presence in a knowledge of god like light that has come forth from fire and blood.” ~Revelation of Adam

Cried Against God

We love to blame others for our problems. Often, it is God that we blame. Yet, He is the one least responsible for our problems. A big part of the problem is that most of us still can’t distinguish between the true God, and the false one called the Demiurge by the Gnostics. We blame destruction on the God of creation rather than the false god of destruction. We blame God for storms, earthquakes, plagues,and more. None of those things are done by God. They are all “gifts” from the Demiurge.
But even more than looking at the Demiurge as the source of these problems, we need to look at ourselves. Most, if not all, of our problems are a result of our own behavior, beliefs, and thoughts. And because we have limited free-will, we can’t expect God to fix it for us. We have to work on fixing the problems we create for ourselves. Then God will assist.

Eternal Work of God

One way we know the works of the real God is that they are eternal like Him. Temporary things, like those found in the physical world, are from the false god. But what Adam is saying in the quote is that one reason we get angry with God and defy Him is that His works, His Word, is eternal. Everything we create is temporary. Like the Demiurge, we can’t create the permanent works of God, so we turn against God out of jealousy. But here’s the thing. No matter how much we complain about it, our word of matter will remain temporary while God’s world of spirit will remain permanent. So the smart thing to do is to accept that and work with it. We work with it by helping God to change this world back into spirit.

Persecuted People

Spiritual people have often been persecuted and still are in some places and in various ways. But Adam says those who persecute spiritual people are only harming themselves. He says those spiritual people will have an eternal life in heaven with God and the angels. But those who do the works of “the Powers” (fallen angels) will not earn eternal life. But those who have turned against God can repent and be redeemed. Because God is a forgiving and loving father.


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