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“The soul must be wrought with the hard smiting blows of adversity and sorrow. It must be gently molded by the waters of humility and charity; it must be chased by understanding and patience. These are things which form a shape of harmonious beauty. But other things shape it in ugliness, these are: falsehood and greed, deceit and malice cruelty and haughtiness, together with other evil qualities.

“The just reward of those who follow the path of ease and indolence is condemnation. …

“These ordinances are not made to provide for the comfort and ease of man, not even for his bodily welfare, but for the benefit of his eternal soul. Here his soul is to be purged and quickened to life by the strong waters of wisdom infused with the greatest amount of Truth he can tolerate.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:20:9-11)

Soul Care

In order to awaken and use the Divine Soul, we must mold the mind to accept it. It is really more the mind that is being molded rather than the soul. Yet for convenience, we will stick with the terminology found in the quote.

Caring for the physical body doesn’t mean being a couch potato and eating cupcakes all day. That may be pleasant for a while, but it has consequences. Those consequences are poor health, pain, and a short life. We need to eat sensibly and exercise our muscles so they will grow.

Similarly, the soul needs to be exercised and made strong and healthy. It needs to be fed spiritual light. In a sense, though, it also need to be fed with adversity. It needs to overcome obstacles in order to grow strong. But it is best that those obstacles not be in the form of evil deeds. Doing evil rots the mind and soul. And if you do enough of them, your soul will separate from you and return to spiritual realms without you. The result is a soulless being that cannot be saved.

Adversity and Sorrow

Some believe that we must all go through a period of great difficulty called “The dark night of the soul,” in order to have a spiritual awakening. Fortunately, that isn’t true. While many do need that extreme adversity, many other can do it with a lesser level of sorrow and problems. But we all do need some adversity to help us grow strong mentally and physically. And sorrow helps us develop sympathy with the difficulties of others.

Understanding and Patience

The soul must be developed with adversity, but also with understanding and patience. Spiritual development is a low process, so we need patience. It is slow with good reason. Spiritual knowledge is so new to the mind raised on materialism that it can cause people to retreat in fear or even go mad.

Of course, we can’t develop the soul with understanding and patience if we don’t ave patience within us. So what is really being said here is that we need to develop understanding and patience within ourselves so we can be patient and understanding with our spirit and soul. This also helps us develop humility and charity. It’s all part of soul care.

Harmonious Beauty

The quote tells us that we want to develop a soul of harmonious beauty. This is not physical beauty since the soul is not physical. But we shouldn’t think in terms of trying to develop a beautiful soul. We should try to develop kindness, humility, generosity, etc. and the beauty will just happen. We all know people who concentrate on developing physical beauty. Many of them are rotten on the inside. Don’t be that kind of person. Inner beauty and spiritual beauty is more important than the physical. Of course, a spiritual person can be physically beautiful as well, but that shouldn’t be their primary goal.

Harmonious beauty means being in harmony with God and nature. That is true beauty.

Waters of Wisdom

Waters of Wisdom, Fountain of Youth, Water of Life, it is all the same thing. It is the flowing spiritual light from the spiritual sun. That light nourishes the soul and brings it truth and wisdom. This too is soul care.


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