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“The rich and enlightened man shall distribute gifts to all the angelic choirs and all spirits, each in particular according to its merits, out of the richness of his God and out of the generosity of his own ground; which is illuminated and overflowing with great and wonderful gifts. … This enlightened man goes swiftly and in ghostly wise round through all the heavenly hosts, rich and overflowing with charity, and enriching and inundating the whole celestial company with fresh glory out of the richness and abundance of the trinity and unity of the Divine Nature. This is the first going out, towards God and towards all saints.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Sharing is Caring

Yes, sharing is caring . And it is one of the first things most of us are taught as spiritual students. At least if the school we follow is legitimate. But we are also taught that there are things we should share and things we shouldn’t.

We should share with others that we are on a path of spiritual enlightenment. We shouldn’t share everything we have learned without the permission of our teacher(s). Some things must be kept secret from those who are not ready to learn them. This is for their protection as well as the protection of others.

When we take in spiritual light, we should share some of that with others. We send some out to others filling it with thoughts of peace and love. We send it out to plants and animals as well. In many cases, they will send their light back to us. This is one way we learn and become part of The One.

Sharing is Divine

But do we think of sending these “gifts” to angels, beings of light, and other spirits? Chances are that we don’t. We just don’t think that those who have left the physical realm, or have always been spirits, need energy sent to them. Ruysbroeck says we should and he may be right.

Those being may be closer to The Source than we are, but they may have bad days or be on a down cycle. They too could use a little boost of energy.

Even if they don’t need it, sending it to them shows we care and encourages them to send us light or help us to grow in other ways.

If you have a friend on the material level who is wealthy and really doesn’t need anything, you may still give them a token gift to show you care. That gesture of caring may be more important than the gift itself. That is the way to think of giving some of your light as a gift to those already on higher levels.

Like a Ghost

Ruysbroeck says that the enlightened person travels swiftly and like a ghost through the ‘celestial company”. In other words, we enter their realm in spirit form only. Matter doesn’t live their. Matter can’t live their. Just as heating water turns it to steam, if matter is raised to the frequencies of spirit, it becomes spirit. But we lack the power to do that on our own. So when we need to visit those higher realms, we do so as spirits and leave our physical bodies behind. And as spirits, we swim in that sea of spiritual light and consciousness with all the other beings that dwell their. We add light to that sea, and take light from it. In doing so, all share knowledge and truth.


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