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“The place or state wherein the true Rosicrucian lives is far too exalted and glorious to be described in words. When we enter the vestibule of the temple of the true Rosy Cross, we enter into a region of unalloyed bliss and happiness. There is an effulgence f super-terrestrial light, where all laborious thinking and exercise of the imagination for the purpose of drawing logical inferences about the unknown, ceases, for in that light is the realm of pure knowledge; to live there is to perceive, and to perceive is to know. Into that paradise of celestial consciousness nothing impure can enter. No room is there for terrestrial flesh and blood; but the spiritual beings which inhabit that realm are made of the flesh and body of ‘Christ,’ in other words, of the substance of the spiritual soul.” ~Franz Hartmann

True Rosicrucian

I won’t get into Rosicrucian beliefs and whether or not the order of today can be considered “true”. Instead, I suggest substituting spiritual enlightened person for Rosicrucian in the quote. That is what the message really is about. Not something exclusive to a particular school or order, but the realm that opens to all devoted spiritual students.

Region of Bliss

A lot of beginners wonder about this. Why is this spiritual realm one of joy and bliss? It is because most of the problems that exist in the lower levels where matter rules don’t exist there. Because that high level of being and consciousness has no matter, there is no death , no disease, no poverty, no greed. It is a place where even the blind can see and the deaf can hear. But more important than physical sight and hearing, your spiritual sight and hearing are used there. Our spiritual senses see and hear only truth and reality. They are not fooled by the illusions of matter. And there are no illusions in this region of bliss.

Super-Terrestrial light

It’s an odd choice of words here. Why call this light “super-terrestrial” rather than simply spiritual? I can’t say why Hartmann used that term. I prefer to say spiritual light. And yes, the region of bliss is full of spiritual light. You might even say it is made of spiritual light. And since light carries information, this spiritual light in the realm of bliss carries only truth and real knowledge. That kind of knowledge that is the true Gnosis.

No Flesh or Blood

Only spirits inhabit that region of bliss. Only spirits can inhabit such a place. There is no matter, no flesh. The idea that you can take your physical body with you is just nonsense. It will never happen. The belief that in the end, the bodies of all the dead will come back to life and go to heaven is a lie. Logically, it isn’t even possible. If every human who has ever lived on Earth came back to life in a complete physical body, it would take more matter than exists on the entire planet. And there would be no room for them. No, heaven will never be for flesh and blood. It will always be for spirits only.

Bitter Aftertaste

While moving permanently to that higher realm of bliss is a good thing, visiting it while you are still trapped in a physical body can cause problems. After the visit, you return to the land of death and disease. Your soul doesn’t want that. It finds the physical realm uncomfortable, at best. Yet such visits are helpful. They may even be necessary for further spiritual growth.

Think of it as being like a vacation. You wouldn’t refuse a great vacation because you will have to return home afterwards. Likewise, visiting the higher realms of spirit lets us enjoy bliss at least briefly, and bring back something with us that is better than the typical vacation souvenirs. We bring back knowledge and truth.


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