one light

“The oil in our lamps may all come from the same source. The lights in a series of lamps may be of as many different colors as there are globes stained of different colors. So in a series of individualized persons, through each is fed on the same spirit, yet each reflects a peculiar light of his own.

“We can be creative and original as we absorb f any spirit, and make the expression original. … The purer your thought and motive, the more unselfish the purpose, the greater the rapidity of such combinations, the more original and striking your thought.” ~Prentice Mulford

One Oil, One Light

When talking about spiritual matters, there is only one Light. That is the spiritual light that comes from God. This spiritual light awakens and feeds the spirit and soul. And there is one “oil in our lamps.” In other words, we all have similar souls. There are no old souls, young souls, round souls, square souls, etc. There are just souls. But we are each individuals, and when we take that spiritual light into our souls, we then individualize it with our mind and personality as we share it with others and with the world.

Fed on the Same Spirit

Mulford makes it sound like spirit is something we eat, but it isn’t. What we do eat is spiritual light. Or to be more specific, our spirit and soul eats spiritual light. That light, being spiritual, is everywhere. However, like other spirits, it is more concentrated in its physical counterpart. So the spiritual light is concentrated in our primary source of physical light: the sun. Like everything else, the sun has a spirit and it is that spiritual sun that sends us the spiritual light that originates with God.

There is a trick to absorbing that spiritual light,however. If you don’t accept it, or don’t believe in it, you will absorb very little. So if you want to get the benefits of that light, you have to believe in it, and absorb it with intent. The best time to do this is at dawn. Just before sunset is also good.

Creative and Original

That One Oil, or  Light is neutral. When we take it in, however, we personalize it to some degree. Then we we reflect that light out to others, it has been personalized. We want that personalizing to be positive and beneficial. So we make an effort to occasionally send out light filled with thoughts of love, peace, and joy. If we do that regularly, it becomes automatic.

Pure Motive

Not only do we have to send out light with positive thoughts, we have to have a pure motive when we do so. If our motive is to try and control others, it isn’t pure and we won’t be helping them. If we are angry and want to punish others, we should not even attempt to send the one light to others. Our motive is clearly not pure at such times.

Of course, a spiritual person shouldn’t get angry at all. But few of us are developed to that point. Even Jesus got angry when he say the vendors peddling innocent animals at the temple to be sacrificed. Yet afterwards, He was disappointed with Himself and went into a brief retreat to cleanse Himself of the anger. When He sent out the  Light, he wanted it to be with a pure motive. A motive of love for others and a desire to save their immortal souls.


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