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“The student of occultism usually is quite familiar with the crass individual who assumes the cheap skeptical attitude toward occult matters, which attitude he expresses in his would-be ‘smart’ remark that he ‘believes only in what the senses perceive.’ He seems to think that his cheap wit has finally disposed of the matter. …

“While the opinions or views of persons of this class are, of course, beneath the serious concern of any true student of occultism, nevertheless the mental attitude of such persons are worthy of our passing consideration. … These so-called practical persons have much to say regarding their senses.

“They are fond of speaking of ‘the evidence of my senses.’ They also have much to say about the possession of ‘good sense’ on their part; of having ‘sound common sense’. …

“Alas for the pretensions of this class of persons. They are usually found quite credulous regarding matters beyond their everyday field of work and thought, and accept without question the most ridiculous teachings.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Senses Perceive and Deceive

First, let me remind everyone that what Atkinson calls “occult” is the same as what most of us call “spiritual” today. Unfortunately, the world “occult” still invokes ideas of sorcery that are not true. He attitude toward that word is part of what Atkinson is talking about.

Those of us who have awakened to some degree have learned to look beyond the five senses for truth and knowledge. Yet even we tend to trust the physical senses too much.

A good example of this is something I have written about before on this blog. Most of us have had the experience of driving down an empty country road at twilight and seeing something ahead on the side of the road. It may appear to be wolf, or a bear. But when we get closer, we see that it is just a rock or tree stump. Now suppose we had never moved closer. We would go on believing that it was a wolf, when it wasn’t. And many of us never move closer, but trust our senses and beliefs. We forget that it is not really the five senses, but the brain that assembles that information, filters it through beliefs and teachings, then give us the result. So in truth, we don’t even know what the five senses perceived, only the brain-mind opinion of them.

The Materialist

It is problematic for us spiritual people that he materialistic ones are the majority. More significantly, they control governments and business. In turn, governments and businesses tend to put restrictions on spiritual development. Sometimes, they do it just out of ignorance and fear that spiritual development may harm us. Often, though, they do it to keep us under control.

It is not that materialistic people intentionally try to hold us back. They believe they are doing a good thing and saving us from what they think of as delusions. Because they rely only on the physical senses for gaining information, they never have any contact with the spiritual. On those occasions where the spiritual world makes an effort to get their attention, most will ignore it.

The Anti-Science materialist

This is, I think, a fairly recent development. We have people who are essentially materialists, but who do not trust science. Instead, they trust the leaders of their churches, and business leaders. Unfortunately, those business leaders are not interested in helping people. Their only interest is in maximizing profit at all cost. And many modern preachers are just as bad. They don’t preach what they know to be true, but what the people want to hear. They know that people will donate more if you tell them what they want to hear, so that is what they do. They are not actual servants of God, but businessmen.

Dealing With Doubters

There are a number of ways that spiritual people can deal with those who deny anything beyond what the physical senses tell them. One way is to try to convince them otherwise. This is usually a waste to time and is likely to get harmful energy sent your way. Waring with them isn’t the answer either.

The best way to deal with them is to ignore them until they are ready to awaken. Then we can help them, but not before. This can be difficult when some are friends and relatives, but it is how it must be. At least now we have the Sun of Righteousness shining down to help more and more awake. Soon the majority will know that the physical senses are not reliable.


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