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“Seeing that the joy in the virtue of God (which breaks the doors of the deep Darkness) thus springs up in the heart, and flies with its sparkling into the head, then the virtue of the joy sets itself above, as being the strongest, and the flash beneath, as being the weakest; and so when the flash comes into the head into its seat then it makes itself two open gates. For it has broken the doors of the deepest Darkness,and therefore it continues no more in Darkness … and will not be held captive. And this signifies to us the resurrection of Christ from the dead, who is now free, and will not be held.” ~Jacob Boehme

Virtue of God

Rather than virtue of God, one could say awareness of God, or oneness with God. I believe that is the idea Boehme is trying to get across to us. When we have this oneness with God, we are certainly full of joy because we have great understanding. We don’t understand everything immediately, but we understand a lot more that a materialistic person who trusts only in the physical senses. Knowledge and truth is the real virtue of God. And love, of course.

Breaks the Darkness

Awakening to God and truth certainly does break through the doors of Darkness. It is much that same way that a flashlight will break through ordinary darkness. Of course, the Darkness Boehme is speaking about is a greater Darkness. It is the dark beings and forces that created the fallen realm of matter and tries their best to keep us trapped there. This Darkness should not be ignored or laughed at. It is very real and powerful.

Sparks Into the Head

One of the goals of spiritual development is to develop all of our energy centers (chakras) so that energy flows freely within them. Eventually, they have enough energy to overlap and create a complete flow from the tail up to the brain. This complete flow of energy is necessary for good spiritual growth. This spark in the head helps awaken the pineal gland, often called the third eye.

Once this spark is in the head, the next goal is to push it even further. Above the head lies another energy center. This is the Christ center. Fully energizing that center awakens your Christ Consciousness.

Escape the Dark

When the soul awakens and is filled with light, it escapes the darkness. One should never turn back to the dark. The soul should never be caged again. Sadly, however, it does happen. People who have awakened can be tempted by materialism. And when tempted enough, they return to the darkness. Anyone who has been in a spiritual school or community for a while has probably seen this happen. Sad, but such is life on Earth.

Personal Resurrection

As Boehme correctly states, resurrection is not just something Jesus did. We all can experience it. First, when we awaken our dormant soul. That is a type of resurrection. Second, when, Like Jesus, we ascend to higher dimensions. But contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not ascend in His physical body, and neither will anyone else. Jesus said flesh could not inherit the kingdom. That is another way of saying the body cannot rise to higher levels of being. At least not the body of dense matter that we have now. If we can gradually learn to live off light, over several generations our bodies will change and may become spirits again. But most of us must be resurrected in spirit. Which is fine with me because I really don’t want to keep my physical body.

Resurrection, rebirth, awakening. All great concepts. But they remain just ideas if we don’t work to make them happen. God appreciates hard work.


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