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“We are evolving from five-sensory humans into multi-sensory humans. Out five senses, together, form a single sensory system that is designed to perceive physical reality. The perceptions of a multi-sensory human extend beyond physical reality to the larger dynamical systems of which our physical reality is a part. …

“We, as a species, have been asking the questions, ‘Is there a God?’, “Is there a Divine Intelligence?’, and ‘Is there a purpose to life?’, for as long as we have been able to articulate questions. The time has now come for us to expand into a frame of reference that allows these questions to be answered.” ~Gary Zukav

Multi-sensory Humans

In a sense, it is true that a kind of evolutionary process is taking place today that is awakening us to a greater perception of reality. But this is not all that new. St. Francis and Jacob Boehme awakened to it hundreds of years ago. Jesus and Buddha used it thousands of years ago. But today it is not just the one in ten million who is awakening. It is more like one is ten thousand.

Of course, the number of people trying to awaken, or pretending they already have, is more like one in 500. But pretending doesn’t make it real and it is clear from the things most of these people post on social media that they are not awakened and are not yet Multi-sensory people.

Beyond Five Senses

Usually when people speak of going beyond the five physical senses, it is assumed that they are talking about psychic abilities generally called the sixth sense. But it is clear (to me anyway) that what Zukav is talking about is spiritual senses, which is another level beyond and above the psychic. These senses are in the spirit and soul. We can’t make use of them, however, if we allow those spiritual faculties to lie dormant. So the first step to becoming a multi-sensory person is to awaken those faculties. And once awakened, they must be continually developed. Just like the body and mind, they don’t develop themselves.

Physical Reality

The physical universe is part of reality. But there is much more to the universe than the physical. What Zukav doesn’t mention in the quote is that the physical “reality” is illusion. It is something real. But the reality of it is far different from what it appears to be. Solid,liquid, gas are really all just different frequencies of light. Everything is just frequencies or nodes of light and energy. The solid universe of matter is just slowed-down light. Part of the task of the spiritual people is to speed it up again until it returns to its original state of spirit.

Questions Answered

Those great questions listed in the quote will indeed be answered. They already have to those who have already awakened their spiritual faculties and become multi-sensory people. I could tell you the answer to all three questions is yes. You would probably then ask me to prove it. An understandable response. And that is why these truths and others cannot be taught. They must be experienced by each individual. That is the only way all doubt is erased. The multi-sensory human doesn’t have to hold debates or ask for proof. They know the truth and there is no denying it.


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