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“The spirit of the Will may mount aloft in pride, self-conceit, or covetousness; (from whence self-arrogance rises, the Will of Reason desiring to be honored;) for it supposes it has attained the sum of all happiness when it has gotten the Light of Reason, and can judge the House of hidden Mysteries that is shut up; which nevertheless God can easily unlock. …

“From this understanding of Reason false Babel is brought forth in the Christian Church on Earth, wherein men rule and teach by the conclusions of Reason, and has set the child which is drunk in its own pride and self-desire as a fair virgin upon the Throne.” ~Jacob Boehme

Will of Reason

This is not God’s Will, or Divine Will here. Boehme is talking about Man’s will, the will of ego. This is the will that often gets us into trouble. It holds itself to be the ultimate authority on virtually everything. Reason does not wish to seek beyond itself for truth except in reason. It trusts it’s own reason, and therefore the reasoning of others. It considers human ego reasoning the highest form of thinking. In short, this is the intellectual. Such people cannot accept that there can be higher forms of knowledge than man’s reason. The ego won’t accept such a thing.

This is why some modern spiritual teachers have hit upon the simplistic idea that the path to spiritual enlightenment is destruction of the ego. You can rest assured that this conclusion is not based upon personal experience, but a theory of that materialistic reason that Boehme is calling false truth. I say that because if a person should succeed in completely destroying his ego, he would never teach a class, never give a seminar, never write a book. To do any of those things requires desire that can only come from ego. Ego needs to be controlled, not destroyed. It needs to be ruled y the soul. That, of course, requires the the soul be awakened.

House of Mysteries

You could think this is a reference to the ancient mystery schools, but it isn’t. Not directly, anyway. It is a reference to the mysteries that were taught in such schools, and still are. It is the mysteries of life, of truth. No one can teach these mysteries to you. That knowledge must be gained directly from the source. When you get it secondhand, it either won’t be understood, or won’t be believed. All a spiritual teacher or school can do is teach you the techniques by which these mysteries are revealed.

False Babel of Reason

Boeme says that because of ego reasoning, the Christian churches have become full of false and distorted teachings. Much of this can be blamed on—surprise—politicians. Politicians like roman emperor Constantine who supposedly joined the Christian church, but in fact forced many changes in the teaches to suit himself. Many other followed. If you did deeply, you can still find much truth hidden in the allegorical tales of the Bible. Much, however, has been lost.

Men Rule

Largely as a result of the lose of those true teachings, man now rules on earth with his logic and reasoning that he places great value on. The intellect is fine for dealing with the material world, but it knows nothing of the spiritual worlds. It can speculates about them, but it doesn’t know.

As a result, not only governments and businesses, but churches are being controlled by intellect, by reason. The sleeping souls of those leaders cannot help because they are dormant. Only by awakening our spiritual faculties can we understand the permanent worlds of spirit hidden by the illusion of matter. And only by using both our spiritual and our intellectual faculties can we become a just and responsible people in a just and responsible world. So let’s start doing that now.


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