God's will, Overflowing Beauty

“You ask how one who desires to follow the movements of God’s Spirit may distinguish these movements, from the natural operations of the mind. There is not, at all times, a positive certainty regarding divine movements. It it were so, we should become infallible as the angels, that is, if we were pure in intentions. We must walk with God, in entire abandonment and uncertainty, at the risk of sometimes making mistakes, which in the infancy of experience is unavoidable. …

“A pure soul acts in simplicity, and without certainty, being persuaded that what is good comes from God, and what is not good from self. … The soul in this state is only a simple instrument that the Word, which is in her, moves, so that it is the Word which speaks and not herself. … I have an experience of many years, that God often makes known His Will, only in the time of action.” ~Madam Guyon

God’s Will

It is always a good idea to follow the Will of God. Especially if you are trying to develop your spiritual side. The most obvious reason for this is that no being knows better than God Himself which is the best, most direct, and least dangerous path to follow. There is a reason why people who are successful in a field often write self-help books about it. They know the path that works. Sadly, when it come to spiritual development, there are many who will insist on following the philosophy that there is no correct path. Each of us, they say, must follow his own path. Twenty years later, those people will still be going around in circles and making no real progress. Sure, there are many paths you can take. God knows which is best.


God is infallible. God’s will is infallible. We are not. We want to follow God’s will, but we don’t always know what it is. Sometimes, we may be tricked by ministers or gurus who are teaching their own ideas rather than the Will of God. We may be tricked by false interpretations of scripture. Or by scripture that has been altered from the original, inspired work.

The only way to know that we are following God’s Will and no other is to communicate directly with God. Even there, however, we can be fooled. Devils and demons are good at tricking man into following their instruction believing them to come from God. Preventing that is not easy. But we learn as we go and are less likely to be fooled. And God is understanding when we are fooled by the dark beings—as long as we learn from it.

A Pure Soul

I don’t think we can ever say that our soul is impure. The soul is, in essence, a small piece of God that connects us to Him. As such, it must always be pure. We can, however, have a dormant soul.

When we are born in physical, our spiritual faculties are dormant. The spirit and soul are in a kind of deep sleep similar to a coma. In that state, they are not able to fully function, not able to help us grow. That is why the first step of any spiritual growth or enlightenment program must be to waken the spirit and soul. That is what the ancients meant when they spoke of a spiritual “awakening”. It is what Jesus was talking about when He said we had to be born again. Born as spiritual beings rather than just material ones. Not only did Jesus advise it, obeying God’s will requires it.

Instrument of the Word

The divine soul is an instrument of God’s Word or God’s Will. It is, in some ways, like our subconscious mind. The soul doesn’t think about whether it it a good idea to do something, or not. It simply does what it is told to do by the conscious mind and our beliefs. The soul doesn’t have to analyze and decide on it’s moves either. It simply listens to God. Knowing that following the will of God is always best, that is what it does. And an awakened soul can help us function better, even in the material world.


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