Rise Above the Material Now, Before Death

“The gloom and depression of the Lesser Mysteries represented the agony of the spiritual soul unable to express itself because it has accepted the limitations and illusions of the human environment. The crux of the Eleusinian argument was that man is neither better nor wiser after death than during life. If he does not rise above ignorance during his sojourn here, man goes at death into eternity to wander about forever, making the same mistakes which he made here. If he does not outgrow his desire for material possessions here he will carry it into the invisible world, where,because he can never gratify the desire, he will continue in endless agony. … Those who made no endeavor to improve themselves (whose souls have slept) during their physical lives, passed at death into Hades.” ~Manly P. Hall

Lesser Mysteries

I have noticed recently that many members of spiritual groups on social media either say they are depressed, or ask if depression is a normal part of spiritual awakening. The answer, of course, is “sometimes.” People who have become very attached to matter and to the illusions of the material world are likely to suffer this depression when they began to awaken to the truth. But Don’t assume that everyone is in the same boat. We are not all the same and our starting point on the path of spiritual enlightenment varies.

In times long past, the “lesser mysteries” often included an initiation that had the initiate suffering greatly. He may have been taken from his family and abandoned in a wilderness area. He may have been physically or mentally tortured. While this is probably unnecessary, it has a point. It makes the initiate realize that the world of matter is the world of misery. But one can be happy here, if we don’t get too attached to the things of this world.

Now and Later

Some people believe that no matter what they do while alive in material form, they will be saved, angelic, and enlightened when they leave this realm are are spirit only. The quote says this is nonsense, and correctly so. Like it says in the Bible, you reap what you sow. You don’t get a college degree just by spending a night on a college campus. Not even if it is an Ivy-league university. You have to actually attend classes and learn. Likewise, you don’t get spiritual wisdom just by dying. If so, there would be no need for spiritual schools or prophets.

Rise Above Ignorance

If you spend your physical life in ignorance, you will remain ignorant after you die. When you lack love and peace in this life, you won’t suddenly get it by dying. If you are obsessed with owning things, you will still be obsessed in the spiritual realm. In that realm, there is no hope of ever gaining material things. That is why the wise teachers and prophets have always told us we must change now, in this world, to get ready for the next. Otherwise, it’s like moving to a new country where they speak a different language, and you haven’t learned a word of that language.

Wander Forever

Hall says that if we don’t rise above, but leave this world and enter the next in complete ignorance, we will be doomed to wander aimlessly forever. That isn’t exactly true, though true enough. We will be doomed to be reborn in a non-human form, probably an animal. When that life is over, we will do it again and again. It may take thousands of Earth years for the process to end. Then our soul can be recharged and we can be given another chance at a life as a human. This is not really reincarnation because that soul we failed to make use of will not remember you. So rise above now, while you can. If you wait until you are physically dead, it will be too late.


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