we are light, immortal life, man transformed

“Why is any one on Earth? To study and learn. To study and learn how to transform his human consciousness into Divine consciousness.

“Manifesting patience is manifesting Wisdom. God favors those with patience. …

The manifestation of God connects you with Love. Your connection with love is the most important connection you have.

“Money in Heaven is the goodness you have done on Earth. The ability to learn, to think, to perform good actions, to love, are great instruments that you must use to get back to Paradise.

“What you learn, think, and love matters a lot. There is higher knowledge and there is lower knowledge. … You determine where you want to be.” ~Biensa Douno

Man Transformed

Not every spiritual school agree that we were sent to Earth to learn. But most do agree that we need to transform. That doesn’t mean turn into a car. It means that we need to transform into spiritual beings again. We need to transform our lead consciousness to golden, advanced consciousness. We need to awaken our souls and use them.

Consciousness and Divine Consciousness

There are many levels of consciousness. The standard level for most humans is around the middle of the chart. There are higher levels and lower levels. One of the goals of spiritual development is to raise our consciousness to higher and higher levels. The ultimate goal is to reach the level of Divine Consciousness. At that level, we know all there is to know. We become truly part of the all. Our connections to all other beings permit us to know all that they know. We will then truly be man transformed.

Don’t think that because you have climbed one rung on the ladder of consciousness you have reached the top. There are many levels above us. Celebrate, yes, then continue climbing.

Connection with Love

When we have reached those higher levels of consciousness, we recognize our oneness with all beings. That recognition is a true form of love. This is not a selective love, but a universal love. A love of all humans, all beings, all of creation. We even love the dark ones, for we know that they too will be transformed. Just as we become man transformed. And as we transform ourselves, we must also transform the planet we live on and all other being on it.

Money in Heaven

While it makes sense to say that the good we do is money in Heaven, there is one problem with that. It implies that we can purchase our way to Heaven and buy favors while we are there. That is not true. Doing good does move us toward Heaven, but climbing that ladder of consciousness does it better. Man transformed is the only man capable of entering Heaven. It is not a place for dead people. Just the opposite. Those who make it to Heaven are the most alive beings of all.

Man Transformed by Light

To transform something takes power, energy. The energy to transform man comes from light. Specifically, the light of the spiritual sun. That light has always been available to transform us, but is much stronger now in the time of the Sun of Righteousness promised by the prophet Malachi.

This transformation won’t be limited to one of consciousness or spirit. We will transform physically and mentally as well. As we reach higher levels of consciousness and higher frequencies of vibration, our bodies will gradually become less dense. We will become lighter and need less physical food to sustain us. The planet and the entire physical universe must become less dense as well. As dense, physical beings, we need a dense physical universe to live in. As we become less dense, such a universe would become painful to us. That is why it must all transform together. Eventually, that light will transform us until we are light of the same frequencies. So man transformed by light will also be light.


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