Good King Needs Good Advisers

“When high-enthroned the monarch sits, resplendent in the pride of purple robes, while flashing steel guards him on every side;
When baleful terrors on his brow with frowning menace lower, and passion shakes his laboring breast—how dreadful seems his power!
But if the vesture of his state from such a one thou tear,
Thou’lt see what load of secret bonds this lord of earth doth wear.
Lust’s poison rankles; o’er his mind rage sweeps in tempest rude;
Sorrow his spirit vexes sore and empty hopes delude.
Then thou’lt confess; one helpless wretch, whom many lords oppress
Doth never what he would, but lives in thraldom‘s helplessness.

“Thou seest, then, in what foulness unrighteous deeds are sunk, with what splendor righteousness shines. Whereby it is manifest that goodness never lacks its reward, nor crime its punishment.” ~Boethius

It’s Good to Be King?

A popular saying goes, “it’s good to be king,” but is it really? Under certain conditions, it is. Unfortunately, those conditions are rarely met in modern times.

As Boethus says, the king may be resplendent in his expensive robes, jewels, and crown, but h needs those guards around him for protection at all times. That crown is like painting a target on his chest. Other kings want to defeat him and take over his kingdom for themselves. Lesser nobles want to replace him. And the common folk likely dislike much of his decisions, even when they are actually benefiting them. Few people enjoy having other make decisions for them, even when they are good decisions.

There was a time when this wasn’t so true. A time that was probably centuries before recorded history. In that time, kings almost always dd what was right. That was because they had wise men and women for advisers. Not intellectuals, but wise ones. The wise one were usually priests, shaman, or spiritual leaders with some other title. They differed greatly from the priests and ministers of today.

The Wise Advisers

These advisers were usually the founders or heads of what are generally called “Mystery Schools”. They were mystery schools because their teachings were private, for members only. This was not out of a sense of possession, or to retain their position in the society, but for the protection of the people. Those who gain such knowledge and use is improperly can cause great harm to themselves and others.

These advisers did not teach their secrets to the monarchs, with a few exceptions. Instead, they simply used their universal wisdom to advise the rulers. Those rules were thus able to make the best decisions for the people and also limit the opposition to their rule. They were, in a sense, the true robes of the king.

Choosing a King

The wise ones also helped the people choose their king in cases where a simple order of inheritance wasn’t in control. This assured that the king chosen would be someone who would listen to the oracles and priests.

A Broken System

At some point, this system broke down. Some kings became so egotistical they stopped listening to the priests. In addition, the mystery schools of those ancient times fell apart and the priests were no longer fully awakened, no longer truly wise. The combination of these two things caused the system to fall apart.

Today’s rulers rarely consult anyone who is a student of wisdom. Instead, they seek advisers among intellectuals. While that is certainly better than having idiots for advisers, like a certain president I could mention, it is not nearly as good as hiving the wise men of the distant path.

Repair is Possible

The good news is that repairing the system is possible. New spiritual schools are rising that are bringing back the techniques of ancient schools changed to account for differences in the modern world. As these schools slowly produce some modern wise people, the political and business leaders will start seeking out their advice. It may take decades, or even a hundred years, but the wise system of the distant past will return. This is especially important when the world itself is changing and becoming less material and more spiritual.


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