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“People ask me if I have been to the World beyond. I do not visit the World beyond; I live in it. They ask, ‘Have you been to see God?’ I have not been to see God; I abide in God, and I study God within everything: within the stones, the plants, the animals, the water, the air, and the light. God is present within everything that lives. Within the least as well as the greatest, I can see God. I am glad and rejoice when I hear God’s still small Voice.

“You expect to see God when you die. If you live in worldliness, after you die, you will remain on Earth. … From now on, work continuously at feeling God’s Presence at all times and within all things.” ~Biensa Douno

World Beyond

The World beyond is a vague term. I think Douno was smart enough in spiritual matters to know that it would be more accurate to say “Worlds beyond”. What we are talking about is dimensions of reality and consciousness, not different planets or locations in the material realm. There are several such dimensions above our third dimension. As spiritual students, our goal should be to reach the fifth dimension. Once we are there, we can worry about the sixth, seventh, and eighth.

When Mr.Douno says he doesn’t visit these dimensions, he lives in them, he is speaking truth. His physical body may have been trapped in the third dimension, but his soul was in the fifth. The spirit and soul, not being restricted by the rules of matter because they are not matter, can be in many places and multiple dimensions at the same time. Time and space have no significance to spirit and soul.

Seeing God

Douno also wisely answered the question on whether or not he had been to see God. One doesn’t just pack a suitcase and go visit God in Heaven. It takes many years of spiritual development to get there. And you won’t do it in a physical body. But we can all experience God without going to him.

We experience God when we pet a dog, or breath in the perfume of a rose. we will experience God if we listen to great music or look at great works of art in a museum. When another person shows us love, we experience God’s presence. This is a limited experience of God, but still valid. Most of all, we experience God when we look upon the spiritual sun. It is as if this sun is a window between Heaven and Earth. It lets our spirit and soul “see” into the higher realms of spirit.

God’s Presence

You don’t have to visit the world beyond to experience. On a certain level, God is present everywhere, in everything. All beings have a spirit. Even those things not considered living on the material level have a living spirit. And since spirit is conscious, all things participate in the one Consciousness. Become aware of that and feel God’s presence. Become part of the One and experience God’s presence. Connect to the consciousness of your soul and know God’s presence.


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