Get Connected to the Sun of Life

“If one is sick and cannot breathe well, let him turn to the Sun and wish deep in his soul to get connected with it – to receive its energy. Not before long he would restore himself and his strength.

“Welcome the light with love in order that you make use of it. Don’t look at the Sun when it is too bright. Watch it in the morning when it rises. … You will receive from the Sun something which no science or philosophy can give you. The light itself is the outward expression, but within it there is something quite refined: within it are the vital conscious powers of nature. …

“God is the Sun of life. When the Sun awakens, you will see and understand the world in the right way.” ~Biensa Douno

Breathe the Sun

When I read the above quote, I was reminded of something I was told about my childhood. When I was two-years-old, I got pneumonia. I don’t know how bad, but apparently I spent a few days in the hospital. My mother told me some years later that when I was sent home, the doctor gave instruction to set me outside in the sunlight every day for the next few weeks. It almost sounds as if the doctor was a student of Douno, or some similar spiritual school.

Perhaps that was a common treatment for pneumonia back then. Back before the pharmaceutical companies convinced most of us that drugs was the answer to all illness, physical and mental. I even hear on social media that some are now pushing the idea that drugs are also the path to spiritual enlightenment. They are not. Even physical ailments are often better off being treated with diet, exercise, sunlight, and other natural methods.

Get Connected

Snakes turn to the sun. They do not have a spiritual awakening as a result. Frogs look at the sun. They also do not awaken. Unfortunately, the same happens to many humans. Just doing sun gazing isn’t enough. You have to have a certain intent and state of mind when you do so. You can get connected with the sun simply for physical benefits. In doing so, there is a good chance that you will receive those benefits. As Douno says, you will restore your strength and health. There is noting wrong with doing that. But is is limited to healing the physical body. It will have little benefit on the mental or spiritual level.

Get Connected Mentally

If you turn to the sun and think of mental healing instead of, or in addition to, physical healing, then you can tap into frequencies that can improve your mental health. When you look to the sun with the idea of gaining mental insights and knowledge, it may even be abler to help with that. It may not give them to you directly, but it can point you in the right direction.

Get Connected Spiritually

We can also get many benefits by connecting with the sun on a spiritual level. This we do by visualizing that we are gazing upon the invisible spiritual sun at the same time as the physical one. We also do this by wanting it very much. It is this sun which can truly awaken your spiritual faculties as it did with St. Francis who had his awakening while watching a sunrise.

When the Sun Awakens

Douno is not saying that the sun sometimes sleeps and we have to awaken it. He is saying that the sun sometimes awakens US. It doesn’t always happen. Only when you are ready for it and your mind can handle it. When it does, you will, as Douno says, see things in a new light and with a new understanding. And as you continue to get connected with the spiritual sun, you will continue to grow in spiritual wisdom and knowledge and gain higher states of consciousness.


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