Connecting Rays of Love, Truth, and Healing

“The rays of love are the connection among people.

“Are you in trouble? Turn to love for help—God is Love.

“Blame and critique are steps to hatred, but help and good to love.

“What does it mean to live with good and noble thoughts and wishes? To have an understanding of a tree with good fruit. Keep your mind and heart clean—speak the truth. Truth, wisdom, and love are inseparable. Think for others as for people who love you and who think good to you. …

“Helping others is serving God, is helping yourself. There are two kinds of help: help for free and help for money. The first one comes from God, the second one from man.” ~Biensa Douno

Connecting Rays of Love

While some will still deny it, even science now knows that we are all connected. Everything is connected. In Cosolargy, we wear a Thread of Life to remind us of this connection. The thread we wear may be made of cotton, silk, or other material. But that is just a symbol of the real thread. The real one is made of light and love. Light because that is what everything truly is. Love because a simple definition for that world is that it is a recognition that we are all connected, all one. So we can call this actual connection connecting light or connecting rays of love.

Helping Rays of Love

This higher love from the connecting rays can be a helping force in many difficult situations. It’s sad when I see people comment on spiritual groups on social media that they are depressed, lonely, sad, and so on. This, I think, is impossible if you are truly awakened. If your soul is awake, it knows about that thread of life. It is aware at all times of those connecting rays of love. It cannot, therefore, be depressed or sad. Recognizing those connecting rays can help keep us from depression and loneliness. How can you be lonely when you are connected to everyone and everything?

Those rays of love can even help in preventing and curing some physical ailments. Most, if not all illness begins n the mind. We feel we are imperfect. Thinking that we have done wrong, we subconsciously think we need to be punished. So we hold back our immune system and allow germs to enter and make us sick. But when we live in the connecting rays of love, we forgive our faults as well as those of others. By doing so, we reduce our chances of getting ill and cure the illnesses we have.

Good Thoughts

Douno says we should have good and noble thoughts. On the other hand, he says blame and critique are steps to hatred.

In the Star Wars movies, the evil emperor tries to get Luke Skywalker to kill Darth Vader. In Harry Potter, after the evil witch Belatrix kills Harry’s godfather, Harry is so angry, he wants to kill her. But when the evil Lord Valdemort starts encouraging Harry to do it, Harry realizes that two wrongs don’t make a right, and refuses. Both of those heroes did the right thing. They didn’t let hatred turn them evil.

Valdemort also tries to stop Harry Potter by taking him over in a kind of possession. Harry drove him out of his body and mind by thinking about his friends and family. He drove out evil with love. He didn’t drive out evil with more evil, he drove it out with love. That is what we all must do.

Getting angry at evil people doesn’t stop the evil. And such thoughts eventually turn us hateful as well. Like the angels, we need to combat evil with love. We need to combat stupidity with knowledge. We need to send out good thoughts, good connecting rays of love.


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