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“Having once been known,there is no reason why the secrets of the cosmic temple and its use as an equalibrator of forces should not be regained when the purpose of the ancient science is again recognized. Never before has the existence of the positive and negative forces in nature and the need for some method of establishing an equitable relationship between them been more clearly apparent than at the present time.

“A confrontation is taking place between two rival cosmologies. The first dominated by the force of 666 and appealing to the solar aspect of human nature, promotes destruction by fire and radiation. The second is characterized by the number 1080, the number of spiritual perception, humility, freedom and love. … So it is that 666 added to 1080 gives 1746, the number of the grain of mustard seed, from which grows the roots and branches of the great tree, symbol of cosmic unity.” ~John Michell

Cosmic Temple

The cosmic temple may be an actual, physical building. But what actually matters is that it represents an deal of proportion and sacred numbers. Some ancient temples, such as the Temple of Solomon were build by this standard. Some other ancient buildings also followed some or all of these rules of proportion. The pyramids of Egypt are another example. Ancient ruins in Peru also show buildings and entire cities designed according to these rules. These rules of proportion are said to apply to the entire physical universe.

Equalibrator of Forces

A simpler way of saying this is with one simple word: balance. In the realm of physical duality it is important to maintain a balance between the opposite forces. Hot and Cold, Male and Female, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. The opposites exist. Anyone who denies that is not paying attention. When they get out of balance, problems occur.

In recent centuries, we have seen most societies in the world being male-dominant. The result is wars, divisions, hatred for those who are “different”. Some suggest a female-dominant society would be better. History shows otherwise. What is needed is a balance between the two.

One of the more negative aspects of this is found in the area of spiritual growth. As more people are awakening to their spiritual self, and developing their spiritual side, others are becoming more materialistic. The balance must be reasonably maintained.

There will come a day when that will change. When the physical becomes spirit again, there will be no opposites, no duality, no need to balance the sides.

Confrontation and Balance

The great “war” between light and dark has been going on for many centuries. It is clear to many, however, that it is reaching a peak. The most primitive and animalistic people are coming out of their dark caves into the light. They think they are safe with one of their own as President of the United States. They don’t understand that when you flip over a rock and expose the dark, soft, squishy things that live under it, you give the sun an opportunity to dry them up. The Sun of Righteousness promised by the prophet Malachi is doing just that.

All darkness will be eliminated eventually and we will all live in peace, harmony, and Light.

Materialism and 666

I think some of the things Michell says here are a little confused. I think we should relate 666 and materialism more to the moon than the sun. Otherwise, he has this aspect correct. The materialistic side promotes fear, violence, and greed. Such people always fear losing what they have. To prevent that, they are willing to commit violence. Some think that they should alleviate their fears by getting far more in material wealth and goods than they actually need. More than they can reasonably be expected to use. But they think this greed will make sure they always have enough. Yet when they die, they are left with no more than the peasant sleeping in the street.

Spirituality and 1080

I’m not sure 1080 is the correct number for spirituality. Some systems of numerology say that the opposite of the number of the Beast,666, is the Christ number, 888. For our purposes, it really doesn’t matter.

The spiritual person avoids war and conflict. She is not greedy because she know that God will take care of those who follow His Law. They do not fear losing what they own because they don’t cling to the material. They understand that clinging to matter when they have the worlds of spirit before them is like clinging onto a bag of pennies when you have just been given a chest full of gold. Spiritual people know the physical body is a temporary thing and don’t fear losing it.

Balance of 1746

For now, the balance between the two sides of reality must be maintained to keep the whole thing from falling apart. That will change soon and the spiritual side will win. I hope you are all getting prepared for that. Better yet, I hope you are all helping to make it happen.


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