Spiritual Purity and a Sense of Shame

“The sacred books tell us that the nature of man contains a sense of shame. This is so, and it is there that he may also know the meaning of decency and be proud of himself as a man. It is there to make a better state known to him, a state of spiritual cleanliness and purity.

“Such knowledge does not come naturally to man, any more than good pastures come naturally to the husbandman. The city over the hill was founded in goodness, and its founders were not men who found pleasure in wickedness. Nevertheless,as the years passed, it became apparent that all was not well within its walls. Now, because of the inclinations of its inhabitants, the city’s days are numbered.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:16:11-12)

Sense of Shame

Most Christians think that Adam and Eve did not have a sense of shame until after they ate the forbidden fruit (not an actual fruit!). They think that they recognized that they were naked and that nudity was wrong because of the knowledge of good and evil they gained. That is not the case.

They had a sense of shame already. They always had it. But they had noting to be ashamed of when they were spiritual beings. When they ate of the forbidden fruit that turned them into material beings, that changed. Now they had something that shamed them: a physical body. Not the face, not the sex organs, not the feet, the entire physical body. They had become matter and were shamed by it.

It may seem like that shame is a bad thing, but as the Kolbrin Bible notes, it serves its purpose. The shame of matter and being trapped in a world of matter makes us want to look for a better place. If we look hard enough, and with enough conviction, we will find it. Shame drives us to look for something better. The Kolbrin Bible says it makes known to us a better state, a sate of spiritual purity.

Spiritual Purity

In the quote, I highlighted the word “spiritual” because it is important to realize that what is better than living in shame in a realm of matter is something spiritual. Over the centuries, many have come up with codes of morality and cleanliness for us to live by. Sometimes these codes are good things. Oftentimes they exist only to control the people. Virtually all of them mist the point that true cleanliness and purity is found only in the spiritual realms.

By its very definition, matter cannot be truly clean and pure. The goal of many spiritual groups and schools is to make it clean and pure by aiding God in the process of transforming the matter back to spirit. Of course, God could do it all alone, but he won’t. He wants us to participate in the process. Our free will got us into this mess and we need to use it again to help us regain spiritual purity.

City Found in Goodness

It is not clear what city this statement refers to. There are a dozen or more ancient cities that fit the description. It may not even be a specific city, but just an allegorical reference. The point being made is that some ancient cities were founded by holy people, or under the guidance of angels. They were intended to be places where those who wished to live in spiritual purity could do so, at least as much as possible while still trapped in the world of matter.

Distorted legends of such places still exist today. The legend of El Dorado is one of them. There are still fools who search for this city of pure gold. But it was originally called the city of the Golden Man, not the city of gold. And the “Golden Man” was not literally covered with gold, but was golden because he was spiritually awakened. So El Dorado was really a city of and for people who practiced spiritual purity. It had nothing to do with material wealth of any kind.


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