Spiritual Doctrine for Spiritual Growth

“Few among men the mortals
Who arrive at yonder shore:
The rest of the race run
hither and thither along the bank.

Those who follow the Doctrine
When the Doctrine is rightly preached
Are the mortals who will pass beyond
The realm of Death, so hard to cross.

Leaving the black doctrine,
Let a pandit study the white,
Going from home to homelessness,
Where in seclusion delights are few.

Let him desire delight supernal there,
Forsaking lusts, possessing naught;
Let the pandit purge himself
From troubles of the heart.

They whose hearts are thoroughly well trained In the Articles of Full Enlightenment,
Who cling to naught and rejoice when fancy-free;
Who have destroyed Depravities and are full of light,
— Have [even] in the world attained Nirvâna.” ~The Dhammapada

Yonder Shore

I think it is clear that the “yonder shore” being written about is not on the other side of a river. Neither is it on the other side of an ocean. We are speaking of a march greater shore than that. It is really the higher dimension of spirit that is here being called “yonder shore”.

Mortal men reach the other shore of rivers, lakes, and even oceans all the time. Few, however, reach higher dimension of existence, spiritual dimensions. Most, as the quote says, run back and forth along the shore thinking they are making a great journey, but actually going nowhere.

Follow Spiritual Doctrine

Those who follow “the Doctrine” will be able to reach that yonder shore. But what doctrine? There are many doctrines in the world. Even if we limit it to doctrines on spiritual growth and development, there are dozens, if not hundreds. We have to trust our intuition when searching for a real spiritual school. My intuition led me to Cosolargy, and there I stay. I wont go into the intuitive feelings and the many dreams I have had that tell me I have made a good choice.

The “doctrine” of Cosolargy teaches, among other things, that we must awaken and develop your spiritual faculties while we still dwell in mortal bodies. You cannot wait until after you die. That is like waiting for the flood to learn how to swim.

Black Doctrine and White Doctrine

I think the names alone say it all, but just is case they don’t to others I’ll elaborate.

Black doctrine is false doctrine, materialistic doctrine. It is more about being nice and sociable in the realm of matter than moving on to higher dimensions. Black Doctrine is, unfortunately, the doctrine we find in most large and popular churches. It is also the kind we find in many recent spiritual schools that have simplified the spiritual disciplines of the great mystery schools down to basic meditation and/or changing your eating habits. That’s like trying to cross the great sea to that yonder shore in a paper boat. Real spiritual development takes much more.

White doctrine is the doctrine of truth. It is that which truly teaches how to advance to higher realms of existence and higher states of consciousness. White Doctrine is truth that has not been watered down to please the state or to make lazy people happy. It is also spiritual, not psychic. Psychic development is but an intermediate step on the road to spiritual truth. Stopping at the point too long may prevent further progress. White doctrine is spiritual doctrine.

Purge Yourself from Troubles

Telling you to purge yourself of troubles is easier said than done. It is essentially another way of saying that we need to get rid of attachments to material things, material places, material persons. The only way things can bother us, trouble us, is when we have attachments to them. That doesn’t just mean attachments to the things you love. When you hate a politician so passionately that you spend time fighting against him in one way or another, you have become attached to him. When you become upset with the neighbor who plays his music so loud it can be heard a block away, you have developed an attachment with her also.

Ridding yourself of such attachments is not easy and cannot be done quickly. You have to lose your attachments one at a time, and gradually. Sometimes, this seems to happen on its own. As you develop your spiritual side, your links to matter just naturally become weaker. In other cases, you really have to work at it. While it may not seem necessary to some of us, it is part of the spiritual doctrine of most spiritual schools.


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