Spiritual Connections to the Sun and Universe

“One day I was walking, and I felt something like an umbilical cord linking me to the sun in the sky. I saw very clearly that if the sun was not there, I would die right away. Then I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the river. I knew that if the river wasn’t there, I would also die, because there would be no water for me to drink. And I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the forest. The trees in the forest were creating oxygen for me to breathe. Without the forest, I would die. And I saw an umbilical cord linking me to the farmer who grows the vegetables, wheat, and rice that I cook and eat. When you practice meditation, you begin to see things that other people do not see.

Although you don’t see all these umbilical cords, they are there, linking you to your mother, your father, the farmer, the sun, the river, the forest, and so on. Meditation can include visualization. If you were to draw a picture of yourself with these many umbilical cords, you would discover that there are not only five or ten, but maybe hundreds or thousands of them, and you are linked to them all.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Connections to the Sun

We are linked to the sun. It isn’t imaginary and it isn’t just a feeling. It’s real. In fact, we are linked to two suns. On the physical level, we are linked to the physical sun and on the spiritual level, we are linked to the spiritual sun. But it isn’t our umbilical cord that links us. It is what mystics call the Cord of Life.

We all know that the physical sun is vital for physical life. If the sun went out, we would freeze solid. It the radiation from the physical sun changes significantly, it will either wipe us out or cause us to mutate. Or it could burn the planet to a cinder.

We rely just as much, if not more, on the spiritual sun for our spiritual life. Our spiritual connections feed our immortal spirit and soul. That is far more important than the care and feeding of a temporary physical body. Yet many people spend a great deal of time caring for the physical body, and little, if any on the spiritual.

Cord of Life

The real umbilical cord that connects us to the sun, the moon, the stars, and each other is the Cord of Life (sometimes called the Thread of Life instead). In Cosolargy, we wear a cord or thread around the waist to remind us of this connections.

The real cord cannot be seen. It exists only on the spiritual level. Yet quantum physicists have demonstrated repeatedly that it exists and has effects even on the physical level. They can’t quite figure it out, though, because they look for solutions on the physical level, and it’s really more spiritual than physical.

These spiritual connections are important in many ways. The first is that it provides proof that we are all one. Not just all people, or all animals: all beings are one. All of existence is one. We are all tiny pieces of that One that most call God. Evil happens when we either brake that link or ignore it.

Spiritual Connections in Action

If you think about is, these spiritual connections mean that much of what we do is a waste of time. We spend many years attending schools to learn many things, both physical and spiritual. But we are already connected to people who know those things. We are connected to the very person teaching them to us. So we should know them just by properly using those spiritual connections. Unfortunately, over many centuries, we have lost the ability to communicate and learn that way. But as Bob Dylan said, “The Times, they are a changin”.

We are now at the dawn of a new spiritual age, a new golden age. This will be an age in which those spiritual connections will become fully functional and we will use them regularly. We won’t need to sit in a classroom for years to learn something, we just fetch the knowledge through that thread of life. We won’t need to do a search on the internet, we will be the internet—a universal internet of living beings. Folks my age may not live to see that happen, but we can still do our part to help by developing our spiritual faculties now.


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