Godhead and the Enlightened Man

“The most high nature of the Godhead may thus be perceived and beheld: how it is Simplicity and Oneness, inaccessible Height, and bottomless Depth, incomprehensible Breadth and eternal Length. … And many other marvels may be seen in the abysmal sea of the Godhead; and though, because of the grossness of the senses to which they must be shown from without, we must use sensible images, yet, in truth, these things are perceived and withheld from within. …

“The enlightened man shall also mark and behold the attributes of the Father in the Godhead: how He is omnipotent Power and Might, Creator, Mover, Preserver, Beginning and End, the origin and Being of all creatures. This the rill of grace shows to the enlightened reason in its radiance. It also shows the attributes of the Eternal Word: abysmal Wisdom and Truth.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Simplicity of the Godhead

That seems like a contradiction. How can the Godhead be simple. It is the highest dimension of all dimensions, the Great Consciousness that is All Consciousness. Yet the Godhead is simple in that it is one. It is all potential, yet without form.

Abysmal Sea of the Godhead

It also seems contradictory to call the Godhead “Abysmal”. But while one definition of that word is immeasurably low or wretched, the other is immeasurable deep or great. I think we can safely say that Ruysbroeck meant the second definition.

The Godhead is an endless “sea” of energy, of creative power. It contains all dimensions, all beings, all that exists within it. In the dimension directly below the Godhead is the one which Ruysbroeck calls the Father in the Godhead. this is the level where God becomes a being of sorts, where God has form.

Grossness of the Senses

John tells us there is much greatness to be found in the Godhead. Unfortunately, most of it can’t be communicated to our physical senses. It is not truly that the physical senses are “gross,” but that they are limited to understanding the physical world. Since God is pure spirit without the slightest hint of matter, the senses cannot understand Him at all.

Fineness of the Soul

Fortunately, there is a solution to this lack of understanding. We can awaken our spirit and soul and develop them. Because the soul is spirit, it can understand spirit far better than the physical senses can. The soul can understand higher dimensions, spiritual dimensions. It can even understand the God to some degree. The problem is it can’t communicate that knowledge to the physical brain-mind, except as a sense of awe and joy. But as that path of communication is used, it gradually gets more able to communicate the higher dimensions. This is how we become a fully integrated being.

Enlightened Man and the Godhead

It is odd and sad that so many of the people who claim to have become spiritually awakened are atheists or at least uncertain about the existence of God. This indicates that they are not nearly as awakened as they think they are or pretend to be. An awakened spirit and soul may not understand everything right away, but it never doubts that God is real. An awakened person doesn’t have to believe in God. He knows God.


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