Beings of Fire (Light) and Spirit Fear Not Death

“What laughter now, what joy In being always on fire?
In darkness wrapped, ye will not seek a light
Behold [this] variegated figure, [This] congested body of wounds;
Ailing, with many a resolve,
It hath not firmness or stability.
Wasted this form, a nest of disease, and frail;
Broken the mass of foulness,
For life at the end is death.
What are these things like gourds In autumn tossed away?
White bones: when seen, what delight?
Of bones is made the citadel,
With mortar of flesh and blood,
Wherein are stowed away old age,
Death, pride and hypocrisy!
Wax old the gaudy”
~The Dhammapada

Beings of Fire

Joy in being on fire? This is not about physical fire. It isn’t even about having a fever. It is about the “fire” or energy of spirit. That spiritual Light that awakens and nourishes the spirit and soul. That spiritual light that brings us the gift of immortality. A gift which we must accept before it is truly ours. We accept it by turning to the spiritual sun willingly to take in that divine light. Hiding in dark caves, natural or man-made won’t do. Even when we call the caves temples or churches.

Governments do not want us being on fire. It threatens their existence. Drug companies do not want us being on fire. It threatens their profit level. So governments and drug companies work together to scare people into believing that the sun is trying to kill us, so we must avoid it. We avoid it at great peril to our spirits and souls.

Congested Body of Wounds

It is sad when I see people on social media complaining about constant health problems. I could tell them to eat better. They could be told to start exercising. I could remind them to start developing their spiritual self. All those things would help get rid of most, if not all, those physical ailments. But I know they won’t listen. They would rather have the two minutes of pleasure of eating a donut rather than a whole day without aches and pain.

White Bones of Death

Another thing one finds on social media is that many who claim to be spiritually awakened still fear physical death. In fact many seem to think that being spiritual can somehow prevent physical death. It can’t.

Think about it. The very planet, the sun, everything physical comes to an end. Yes, it doesn’t disappear, but transforms. That doesn’t change the fact that the original thing is gone. But those who have truly awakened their immortal spirit and soul have no fear of physical death. To them ,shedding the physical body is no more difficult than taking off their clothes. Essentially, that is all the physical body is.

We frequently see stories in the news about scientists claiming to be able to extend human life to 300 years or more. Perhaps even 500. Other stories claim to have discovered an immortal creature that keeps renewing ts physical body forever. Such claims are false. There is no way for a physical body of any being to be immortal. Since the entire physical universe is mortal, how can any being in it be immortal? No, the only path to immortality is he spiritual path. Fill yourself with that spiritual fire. Only beings of fire survive. They are the only ones who are immortal. The goal is to be  beings of fire (Light).


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