Supreme Goal of Spiritual Life

“Hard to reach is the supreme goal of life, hard to describe and hard to abide in. They alone attain samadhi who have mastered their senses and are free from anger, free from self-will and from like and dislikes, without selfish bonds to people and things.

“They alone attain samadhi who are prepared to face challenge after challenge in the three stages of meditation. Under an illumined teacher’s guidance they become united with the Lord of Love, called Vishnu, who is present everywhere. …

“To be united with the Lord of Love is to be freed from all conditioning. This is the state of Self-realization, far beyond the reach of words and thoughts.

“To be united with the Lord of Love, imperishable, changeless, beyond cause and effect, is to find infinite joy.”~Tejabindyu Upanishad

Supreme Goal of Life

What is the supreme goal of life? Some would say that it is to make far more money than you can spend. Others would say it is to rule over the poor and the uneducated. While those may be goal of materialistic life, they are not goals of permanent life, spiritual life.

The spiritual goal is to raise our vibrations and consciousness levels into the higher realms of spiritual beings. We continue that process, even after physical death, until we reach the ultimate level of consciousness called Cosmic Consciousness or Christ consciousness. It’s the same thing that the Upanishads calls Samadhi. It is oneness with God and the universe. That is the Supreme Goal.

Mastered Senses

Mastering the senses doesn’t mean developing super hearing or vision. It means that we go beyond the limits of the physical senses and see and hear and smell things that are not physical. It also means that we don’t let the physical senses control us. Instead we control them. We don’t eat something just because it tastes good. We eat what satisfies the needs of our body and doesn’t interfere with our spiritual growth. Listen to music not just to dance, but to raise your vibrations. Scents that raise our vibrations are also enjoyed in the form of incense or scented oils. Our spirit has senses also, and we need to awaken and use those senses. They are more reliable then the physical senses,especially when dealing with spiritual things and spiritual beings.

Free from Self-will

Being free from self-will doesn’t mean you have no will at all. It means that your will is directed toward that which benefits all of mankind, all of creation, rather than just yourself. You can still benefit from what you do, but you do things in a way that benefits others as well. In short, you don’t get rid of ego, you subject it to the control of the awakened soul. In order to do that, of course, you must first awaken that soul that is dormant when we enter the physical plane. Reaching the supreme goal is impossible without awakening the soul.

Three Stages of Meditation

That there are three stages may come as a surprise to many. In the past few decades, meditation schools have pooped up all over the western world teaching meditation. What they never tell the students is that they are teaching them only first stage meditation—a technique for relaxing and getting rid of stress, but not sufficient to trigger a spiritual awakening in most people. So when you read in ancient writing about how important meditation is for spiritual growth, they are talking mostly about second and third stage meditation.

Illumined Teacher

It certainly is important for real spiritual growth to join a spiritual school and work with an illumined spiritual teacher. Some insist they can do it on their own. I would want to get surgery from a doctor who learned on his own by reading books. I also wouldn’t want to trust the awakening of the immortal soul to such home study. It may be necessary to start out that way, but you are unlikely to reach that Supreme Goal on your own.

Infinite Joy

Those who are given a change to study spiritual growth and turn it down because they would rather have fun and enjoy themselves are being foolish. They are like the person who stops to pick up pennies on the sidewalk while a chest of gold coins waits ahead out of sight. Achieving oneness with God, the Supreme Goal, is the greatest joy we can experience.


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