Love Wisdom, Truth, and Creation

To “If a man does not walk on the path of Wisdom, he cannot have light and knowledge. If a man does not walk on the path of truth, he cannot have freedom.

Three rules for living:

  • Make Love be a way in your life.
  • Have Wisdom be a way for knowledge and light.
  • Let truth be a way for your freedom.

Apply this as a foundation, and you will avoid unneeded suffering. …If a man loves truth, it will always help him. The man who lives and loves in truth will always be helped; truth is reasonable.” ~Biensa Douno

Path of Wisdom

The words in this quote have to be read and studies carefully. Douno doesn’t say that one has to have wisdom before he can have light and knowledge. He says only that he must be on the path of wisdom.

If you are in any spiritual groups in social media, you probably see quite regularly posts, or answers to posts, that say there is no correct path, no right path. All paths are the same they say. The only ones who teach that are those who simply don’t know what the true path is and don’t want to admit it.

They are like a person splashing around in the water because he doesn’t know how to swim. When you jokingly ask him where he learned to swim like that, his ego won’t allow him to admit that he doesn’t know how to swim so he will say something like, “there are many correct ways to swim, you know.” To some degree, he is correct. But some swimming styles are more effective, more efficient than others. Isn’t it better to learn the good ways to swim rather than just flounder and float aimlessly forever?

Love Wisdom

There is a love of wisdom, and wisdom in live. Both are part of love wisdom. You have to be a loving person to gain true wisdom. That doesn’t mean you have to be in love with one particular person. It means you have to love all of humanity, all of creation. When we have that love, wisdom will slowly come to us. Not worldly wisdom as the term is often interpreted today, but spiritual wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is really the only true wisdom. That is because the spiritual world is the only permanent world, the only true world that isn’t full of illusion.

Avoid Suffering

Some people learn to swim when they fall off of a boat at sea. That doesn’t mean we all have to be pushed off of a boat to learn how to swim. We can do it in a gentler and more controlled environment like a swimming pool.

Likewise, some go through a period of great suffering before a spiritual awakening. This is often called “the Dark Night of the Soul.” But just because some have been awakened that way, doesn’t mean all of us must go through it.

None of us can awaken without going through a little suffering as we change, but it doesn’t have to be drastic. We can realize that a spiritual awakening is a good idea and start working on it without a dark night having to happen at all. That is probably the smarter way to do it. Waiting for a dark night to happen may mean waiting a long time when you can just decide on your own to start moving forward.

Truth is Reasonable

I love truth. I respect truth. I’m not sure we can say that truth is always reasonable. If it was, we wouldn’t have so many people hiding from truth on various levels and living in fantasies. If we love wisdom, we love truth, even when it is unpleasant.

I think that Mr. Douno is saying that when we know truth, truly know it, than we are filled with joy at not having to deal with lies and distortions anymore. While some truth may not be what we want to hear, hearing truth is always better than living lies and fantasies. So love wisdom, love truth, love humanity, and seek to awaken your spiritual self without waiting for a crisis to make it happen.


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