“We live in an era whose humblest men are becoming greater than the greatest men of previous ages. What once preoccupied our minds is now of no consequence. The veil of indifference covers it. The beautiful dreams that once hovered in our consciousness have been dispersed like mist. In their place are giants moving like tempests,raging like seas, breathing like volcanoes.

“What destiny will the giants bring the world at the end of their struggles?

“Will the farmer return to his field to sow where death has planted the bones of the dead? …

“Will the sheep drink from springs whose water are stained with blood? …

“Can lovers meet and exchange kisses on battlefields still acrid with bomb fumes?” ~Kahlil Gibran

Land of Giants

We are definitely living in that land of the giants that Gibran is talking about. Not physical giants by any means. Not even intellectual giants for the most part. They are giants mostly in their own minds. These are the people who think they are more important than others. If they were to die, it would be a tragedy. But if dozens of others die to protect them, that is just the way it goes. That is how they think.

The little people who die don’t even have to do so fighting in a war. They can die from the poisons in the products the giants sell to get very rich. Sometimes they die from disease because they can’t afford to pay the fees for medical care provided by the giants and their corporations. They can die from starvation while they giants throw out tons of food because it isn’t selling at a profitable price. Working to death in the factories owned by the giants is another acceptable way to die. The only way that is not appropriate is for the little people to die resist being the sheep and oxen of the giants. That will not do at all.

Veil of Indifference

Most people will insist they are not indifferent to this condition where the Giants who make up only one or two percent of the population enslave the rest through trickery and lies. Yet they do virtually nothing about it. That is one form of indifference. Another is the indifference of those who take their orders and follow the rules without question. They accept that if you want more you must work harder. They ignore the fact that the wealthiest of then giants do less work than the average person, not more. Even if they did work, there is no way they could be working 400, 500, or 600 times as hard as others as would be necessary to make that hard work nonsense true. While it is true that in the material world nothing is free and we must all work, there is little evidence that how mush you get paid equates to how hard you work.

Will the Farmer Return

It is not clear to me what Gibran thought the correct answer to those questions is. The answer, however, is yes. The farmer will again plant in the field even though they contain the bones of the dead. The sheep will graze in the fields where many met death. This is true literally, but more importantly it is true allegorically.

Return to Truth and Righteousness

Wee may not think it, but we are all fortunate to live in this time. It is a time of change, a time when the giants of matter will be pushed aside and replaced by the spiritual. It is a time when people are beginning to awaken to the fact that the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment is more important than the pursuit of material goods and wealth.

When you look around at what is happening in the world, you might find that hard to believe. We must remind ourselves that is always darkest and coldest just before the dawn. We are seeing some of the most despicable types of people crawling out from under the rocks to wreck havoc on the land. But only when they are out from under the rocks can the heat and light of the sun burn them up. Again, that is allegorical. The spiritual sun will burn evil out of people by awakening their spiritual side. Some will resist and probably die from their own stubbornness. Most will change and help bring about the new world where the meek and the humble will rule instead of the giants of materialism.


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