Flowers and Birds, Spirits and Souls

“Our souls are like tender flowers at the mercy of the winds of Destiny. They tremble in the morning breeze, and bend their heads under the falling dews of heaven.

“The song of the bird awakens Man from his slumber, and invites him to join in the psalms of glory to Eternal Wisdom that has created the song of the bird.

“Such music makes us ask ourselves the meaning of the mysteries contained in ancient books.

“When the birds sing, do they call to the flowers in the fields, or are they speaking to the trees, or are they schooling the murmur of the brooks? …

“Man with his understanding cannot know what the rain is saying when it falls upon the leaves. … But the Heart of Man can feel and grasp the meaning of these sounds. … Eternal Wisdom speaks to him in a mysterious language; Soul and Nature converse together, while man stands speechless and bewildered.” ~Kahlil Gibran

Flowers in the Fields

While it seems at times that we are surrounded by noting but weeds, if we look more closely we see flowers coming up among the weeds. The weeds will try to choke them out, and sometimes they succeed, but the flowers will always return. And the flowers will multiply and grow stronger and push aside the weeds. Eventually, the field will be a field of flowers rather than one of weeds.

Singing Birds

Gibran asks if the birds sing to the flowers and the trees. Science will say no,they sing to a mate and to each other. That is true, but is also a limited perspective.Robin and flowers They do sing to the flowers and the murmuring brooks. They sing to all of creation. Mostly, they sing to us begging us to listen and awaken. They sing of the joyful thoughts that a few of us send their way. Birds also sing of the great truth and wisdom that seems to lie just beyond our reach when we stay stuck in a material world and expect matter and mind to answer all our questions.

Music of the Spheres

Whether it be from singing birds, murmuring brooks, or human compositions, there is music that does more than entertain. As Gibran notes, this music makes us ask questions. Questions like where we come from and what our purpose is. It makes us want to learn the true meaning of the allegorical tales found in those ancient books. It makes us want to know our own soul. We want to be one with nature and one with the cosmos when we hear such sounds. They raise our frequencies and help us reach higher levels of reality.

Allegorical flowers and Birds

The birds and flowers Gibran write about are not ordinary birds and flowers. They are allegory. Symbolic of something else. They represent the human soul and people who have become awakened. The weeds and brambles are the materialists who refuse to look any deeper into reality than the realm of the physical. The flowers are those who are looking beyond that, questioning, awakening, searching. The birds may be those who have awakened to some degree and are “singing” about it to help others. They might also be ascended masters or angels giving us a little poke to get us up and moving. The songs may be real music, or simply high frequency vibrations coming down from higher levels and places like the spiritual sun to help us awaken to reality.

So be a flower, not a weed. Be a songbird singing inspired songs from the soul, not a vulture feeding on the dead. Be a beautiful butterfly rather than a stinging wasp or a blood-sucking mosquito.


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