Eternal Mind of Spirit and Awakening It

“The light in the eternal Mind springs up out of the recomprehended Will to meekness and light, that it might be freed from the Darkness. … And in this shining of the sharpness stands the omnipotence, for it breaks the Darkness in itself, and makes the joy and great Meekness like that when a man is come out of an anguishing fire to sit in a temperate place of refreshment; and thus the Flash in itself is so fierce and sudden, yet fiercer and more sudden than a thought, and out of the Darkness … sees into the Light. … There the Will desires the joy in the meekness; and the Desiring in the attracting of the Joy.” ~Jacob Boehme

Eternal Mind

Many think that we have only one mind, so that must be the eternal mind that Boehme is talking about. But he doesn’t mean the brain-mind that is part of the mortal body. He means the spiritual mind or soul. Only the soul is eternal. Only the soul is an eternal mind.

It is not just that the soul is forever, it is also that the soul knows forever. Right now! Today. The eternal mind is spiritual. Therefore, it is completely unrestricted by time and space. Those things only affect the world of matter.

Free from Darkness

The Eternal Mind of the soul is free from darkness and can help us free ourselves from it as well. In order to do that, we must first acknowledge that darkness exists and it is not a good thing. Judging from things I see posted on social media spiritual groups, many either believe that there is no good or bad, no dark or light, or that they do both exist, but both are part of what we are so we need to embrace both equally. It is true that there is light and dark in all of us. It is even true that we must acknowledge that the dark exists. But we do not need to embrace it, nor should we. We should be working to fill even our darkest corners with light until the darkness is completely gone.

See Into Light

Jacob Boehme talks of a flash of light, fierce and sudden. While it happened like that to him and some others, it isn’t necessarily how it will happen to you. Rather than a sudden and nearly blinding flash of light, many of us experience it more gradually, as if someone were slowly opening Venetian blinds that are blocking out that spiritual light.

Some may thing they haven’t experienced that awakening yet because they haven’t had that flash of bright light. For many, however, the change remains mostly on a subconscious level and we are not consciously aware that we have changed. It is only when we look at how our behavior has changed over time that we realize we have been awakened to some degree.

Eternal Mind at Work

While the awakened soul or eternal mind may not be communicating with the conscious mind yet, we can tell it is awakened by those changes in us. If we have become more concerned with others, even strangers, rather than just ourselves, we have awakened that eternal mind. When we start to value spiritual things more than material goods we have awakened to some degree. When we start to see animals and all life forms as cohabitants of planet Earth rather than goods to be exploited, we have awakened the eternal mind. If we lose our fear of death because we know that our spirit and soul is eternal, we are communicating with that eternal mind. If you haven’t awakened yours, you should start working on it today.


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