Written Records and the Light of Truth

“The works of men are imperfect, and no man has ever seen the Light of Truth in absolute purity. Therefore, though two things within the body of our written records may appear contradictory, if not capable of reconciliation through greater understanding, the thing written later, unless a manifest error, shall be more acceptable. Be men of good faith, goodwill and common sense. Nothing passing through the hands of many men escapes contamination. Only sincerity and diligence will maintain its purity. Nevertheless, having established something, uphold it steadfastly. In this sphere of falsity, cling to every truth, as a man swept out to sea by the river torrent clings to a log.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:1:15)

Light of Truth

I don’t think it is accurate to say that no man (or human, to be more accurate) has ever seen the Truth in absolute purity. I think it would be accurate to say no one who is still in physical form has seen pure truth. Ascended masters, however, are another story. At some point in our continued spiritual evolution we must reach that point, otherwise the whole journey is pointless. Why climb the mountain if you know you can never reach the top?

Written Records

It is true that written records can never contain all of the truth. Nor should they. Certain truths are never put into writing for fear they will fall into the wrong hands.

Another reason why written records of spiritual truth are never completely accurate is because human language was developed to deal with the realm of matter. It is just not possible using such words to accurately describe the spiritual realms. For that reason, allegory is often used. Later, foolish people may treat the allegorical tales as if they should betaken literally.

The quote says that nothing passes through the hands of many men escapes contamination. This is especially true of translations. Few, if any, translators are so proficient in multiple languages that they can accurately translate everything. Even fewer have the spiritual knowledge to be able to translate spiritual writings correctly when sometimes the literal meaning of the original words are not as important as their symbolic meaning, or even how they sound when spoken aloud.

Intentional Altering

One reason why written lessons of the ancients cannot always be trusted was not mentioned at all in the section of the Kolbrin Bible quoted. That reason is deliberate altering of the original. This may happen because a new high priest or bishop sees things differently. In most cases, though, the changes are made at the request of those in political power who doesn’t like what the original writings said. So I can not agree with the part of the quote that says when there are two conflicting records, the most recent should be the one accepted. That is actually the one most likely to have been altered or added for political reasons. Instead, we have to rely on our spiritual insights to help us dig out the truth buried within the nonsense.

Cling to Truth

In today’s world, this is especially important. It is not just the problem of being fed lies so often that we start to accept them as true. It is also that in the world of materialism, everything is illusion. This is not just the opinion of spiritual teachers. We now have the science of quantum physics backing us up on this. The realm of matter, they say, is hologram. It isn’t earth, air, water, and fire. It’s all light. The source of the light is the spiritual dimensions. The source of the light is also where truth can be found. When we get occasional glimpses of reality from that light, we should cling to it and look for more.


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