Rule of Truth and Knowledge

“If you always think about the bad traits in man,you boost the bad in him. If you think about the good traits, you boost the good in him.
“The first crime in the world is to vilify man. All crime is due to the impure thoughts and wishes that leave in people certain impurities and surpluses.
“Strong people are those who transmit love, weak people those who only accept love. …
“There are three rules you need to keep in mind in order to free yourself from all your delusions:

  • The first rule: Love is a way of life. … Embracing love,you will avoid the greatest mishaps.
  • The second rule: the light of wisdom is a way to knowledge. Consequently, if you do not have this way,this light, you cannot acquire knowledge. …
  • The third rule: Truth is a way to freedom. Consequently, if you are not in this way of Truth, you cannot be free.”

~Biensa Douno

Thinking is Receiving is the first Rule

Not only spiritual teachers, but many others say that we affect our world with the way we think. This happens in several different ways.

Thoughts are like magnets,especially when they are backed with strong emotions. While love is a strong emotion,so are fear, hate, and jealousy. That means that if we hate people with certain attributes,we attract those people to us. If we fear that junior will grow up to be an idiot like his father, he probably will because of those negative thoughts.

Jealousy is a little different. If we are jealous of someone for being wealthy, we are thinking of ourselves as relatively poor, and we will remain so because of those thoughts. If we are jealous of another for having a beautiful mate, we are thinking that our mate is unattractive, and we will only attract more unattractive dates.

Another way in which thoughts affect our world is that what we see in the world is what we believe in, what we expect. If we expect life to be difficult, it will be. If we expect it to be fun, we will enjoy life. Life hasn’t changed, just our view of it.


Yes, love is the first rule. Show love for others, and they will give us reasons to love them. Have love for ourselves (not in the narcissistic sense), and we will deal better with others. Have love for all of humanity and we will live happier and more peaceful lives. If we all had love for each other,there would be no wars and far less illness (many illnesses are caused by negative thoughts sent to us by others).

Light is the Path

Light is the path to knowledge. Not ordinary book knowledge. Not knowledge about the workings of the temporary physical world. The knowledge that matters is Gnosis, Divine Knowledge. That knowledge comes only to those who have awakened and developed their spiritual faculties and sought out that knowledge. We awaken those faculties with the light of the spiritual sun. More accurately, we awaken our spiritual faculties with the Divine Light that comes from God, through the spiritual sun, to us. If we ignore the light and seek divine knowledge without it, we won’t get far. Only the awakened soul can understand that knowledge.

Truth and Freedom

You cannot logically have truth if you are living a life of lies. There are many kinds of lies on different levels.

In the United States,we are now in the sad state where our federal government leaders have redefined truth and lies to suit themselves. If a story is what they want to here, it is considered truth. If it is not what they want to be true, they declare it fake, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary.

Then we have the materialistic types who try desperately to explain everything on a purely physical level. To them, the spiritual worlds don’t exist. They consider that as being scientific but it isn’t scientific at all. At least the modern science of quantum physics is beginning to reveal some parts of the great lie. But that still doesn’t mean they have found truth. And without truth, we can’t really have freedom because we are prisoners of illusion.

The only way to have real freedom is to know truth. The only way to know real truth is to awaken and develop our spiritual faculties. The spirit worlds rule.




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