Rays of Love, Pearl of Wisdom

“The soul saith further o the Noble Sophia, ‘O thou fair and sweet consort, what shall I say before thee? Let me be wholly committed unto thee. I cannot preserve myself, if Thou will not give me Thy Pearl. I submit to thy will, but give me thy Rays of Love, and carry me safely through my Pilgrimage. Do thou awaken and bring forth what thou will in me;I will from henceforth be thy own. …’

“The noble Sophia answered the soul; … ‘My noble bridegroom, be of good comfort. … I will be with thee and in thee always to the end of the world. … Thou shalt drink of my fountain. … I will put my Rays of love into thy working.’” `Jacob Boehme

Pearl of Wisdom

I find it curious that Boehme, who was known as a Christian mystic, but not Gnostic, often speaks of Sophia, the Gnostic “goddess” of wisdom. You would expect him to be appealing to Jesus or Christ,but no,he appeals to Sophia.

Preserve Myself

Boehme pleads with Sophia to grant him that Pearl of Wisdom because he cannot preserve himself without it. That is not a reference to an embalming or mummification process. He wants to be “preserved” in a more permanent way. He wants eternal life. Boehme knows enough to realize that only through the Wisdom of the Ages can he awaken his spirit and soul, and join them with his mind to become a fully integrated being. He also knows that only by doing that can he truly become immortal.

Rays of Love

Boehme then pleads with Sophia to give him the “rays of Love”that will carry him safely on his journey. These rays are not coming from the ray guns of classic science fiction tales. While Boehme can’t come right out and say it given the times he lived in, he is talking about the rays of Light from the Spiritual Sun. Only those rays can help him on his journey of enlightenment. It was these rays of love that were responsible for Boehme’s spiritual awakening when, we are told, he was struck in the eyes by a reflection of sunlight off a shiny metal bowl.

The rays of the physical sun can be beneficial to the physical body. They are,in fact, necessary for virtually all physical life on earth. But the rays of love that help us on our journey to spiritual Oneness.

Pearl in the Rays

Those rays of love are also the way Sophia will send that Pearl of Wisdom to Boehme or anyone else who desires it and works for it. Quantum physicists tell us the universe is nothing more than a hologram. Further, they say that the rays of light in that hologram carry information. The rays of love from the spiritual sun carry a special kind of information. They carry the knowledge of truth which is the Pearl of Wisdom. Each time we gaze upon that sun we take in a bit of that knowledge. Eventually we will take in enough to be truly enlightened. Then, in a sense, we will ourselves become rays of love on Earth.

“When the soul looks to the sun and sees the white light made for its eyes only, it is quickened to life; it breathes and is one with God” ~Gene Savoy


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