Infinite Reality and Unity with God

“The unbreakable unity with God,which constitutes the mark of the Third life, exists in the ‘essential ground of the soul’; where the river flows into the sea, the line into the point; where the pendulum of self has its attachment to reality. There the hidden child of the absolute is ‘one with God in restful fruition’; there, his deep intuition … is able to taste and apprehend the sweetness of of Infinite Reality. But at the other end, where he still participates in the time-process, where his love and will are a moving river, consciousness hungers for that total attainment still; and attention will swing between these two extremes,now actualized within the living soul, which has put on the dual character of ‘Divine Humanity’ and is living Eternal Life, not in some far-off celestial region, but here.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Infinite Reality

Materialists don’t like it when spiritual people refer to the physical realm as illusion or not reality. They are not saying that it doesn’t exist. They are saying that it is temporary and is not at all what it appears to be. The world of matter is not reality simply because it is temporary.

Infinite reality is not temporary and is not illusion. It has no beginning and no end. It just is and always will be. Space and time have no meaning in the realm of infinite reality. It is the realm of spirit. Beings in this realm do not have sex. It would be pointless. They can create simply by thinking about it. They form an image in their mind, and it becomes real. And they do not need to raise replacements since they never die.

It sounds like a wonderful place, doesn’t it? Yet not many people are making the effort necessary to get there. There are many ho go to a church building and say prayers there. That is not enough. For starters, if you wanted to be a medical doctor, you wouldn’t go to woodworking shop. If you want to reach the realm of infinite reality, you have to start by seeking contact with it as much as is humanly possible. It will not seek you out. You have to go after it.

Two Lives in One

The common idea that we can life this life on earth as materialistically as we wish and worry about becoming spiritual after we die is wrong. That is like saying you will learn how to swim when you find yourself floating in the ocean. Before you can get on stage as a singer, you need to learn how to sing. Before you can build a house,you need to study carpentry. You might even want to practice by building a birdhouse and a doghouse before you try to build a house for yourself.

That is why we must all live two lives in one: a material life and a spiritual life. The best way to do that is not to flip-flop from being materialistic one day and spiritual the next. Instead we can be both at all times.

When looking for a job, for example, we should consider not only material things such as how much it pays, but also borderline spiritual things like is the work moral and beneficial. Circumstances may force us to compromise occasionally, but we have to make an effort to avoid compromising more than is truly necessary.

Another example might be where to build or buy a house. The spiritual person takes many things into consideration that are often ignored by others. The shape of the house matters. The orientation with the compass points matter.

Hopefully, those are enough examples to get the idea across. Spirituality is not something to do occasionally. We need to integrate it into our everyday lives. Than we can realize that infinite reality.


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