Higher Thoughts of Metaphor, Imagination, and Dreams

“Isaiah composed words of wisdom as a necklace of precious stones mounted on the golden chain of my love. Saint John recounted his vision in my behalf. And Dante could not explore the haven of souls save by my guidance. I am metaphor embracing reality, and reality revealing the singleness of spirit; and a witness confirming the deeds of the gods.

“Truly I say to you that thoughts have a higher dwelling place than the visible world, and its skies are not clouded by sensuality. Imagination finds a road to the realm of the gods, and there men can glimpse that which is to be after the soul’s liberation from the world of substance. …

“Tell them that he who passes not his days in the realm of dreams is the slave of the days.” ~Kahlil Gibran (speaking as the Goddess of Fantasy)

Goddess of Fantasy

Most of us think of fantasy as something that isn’t real. That belief is usually correct. But Gibran means something different here. His Goddess of Fantasy is the one who reveals hidden truths through metaphor and allegory. She is the one who inspired the great myths that Joseph Campbell wrote about. It is she who hides great truth in the Bible, the Upanishads, and other scripture through allegory. Only true seekers of wisdom see beyond the fantasy to the reality behind it.

Singleness of Spirit

All real life is spiritual. All spirits are part of the one Great Spirit which most of us call God. That doesn’t mean that individuality is a lie. It means that you can be an individual and still be part of something greater. We seem to understand this in a material level hen we say we are American, or German, or Catholic, or Black. We declare ourselves part of something such as a nation or a race, yet still accept that we are individuals. Yet when spiritual teachers talk about being one with God, many suddenly fear the loss of their individuality. Even on the spiritual level, you can be an individual, yet part of the all. That is the singleness of spirit.

Higher Thoughts

Thoughts are more powerful than most of us realize. Strong thoughts can actually make things happen. The problem is that others are thinking too, so we cancel out each others thoughts in many cases. That is one kind of higher thought the kind that creates things. But I think that when Gibran says there is a higher dwelling place for thoughts, he is talking about spiritual thought that happens in the soul rather than the brain-mind. Those spiritual thoughts are more powerful than material thoughts because everything happens on a spiritual level before it can manifest on the physical level. Spiritual thoughts are the best kind of higher thoughts.

Slave of Days

By being slaves of the days, we are controlled by the environment, the government, business, and others. Without dreams, we are stuck with the same thing day after day. We advance only by first dreaming about what is possible, then making it happen. No change occurs without someone dreaming about it first. This is usually in the form of daydreams, but not always. When I was in grade school, I would get scolded by teachers for daydreaming. Such fools they were!

So when Gibran is talking about dreams and fantasies, what he really means is using our imaginations to change things. Most important of all, we must imaging a world that is spiritual rather than material, peaceful rather than war-like, living rather than dying. When we want it bad enough, we will be led to make it happen (with God’s help). That’s real Higher Thoughts.


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