Goodwill Beats Hate, Fear, and Evil

“You can only oppose successfully the hatred or evil thought of others by throwing out toward it the thought of good-will. Goodwill as a thought-element is more powerful than the thought of hate. It can turn it aside. The ‘shafts of malice,’ even in thought,are real things. They can and do hurt people on whom they are directed,and make them sick. The Christ precept, ‘Do good to them that hate you,’ is based on a scientific law. It means that thoughts are things, and that the thought of good can always overpower that of evil. … The fact that all thought, all emotion, all of what is called sentiment, or qualities such as mercy, patience, love, etc., are real elements as real as any we see, is the cornerstone to the scientific basis of religion.” ~Prentice Mulford

Thoughts are Things

Like many others, even today, Prentice Mulford often confused the mind and the soul and spoke about them as if they were one. Nonetheless, there is much truth in what he has to say about many subjects including thought.

He tells us that thoughts are things, as real as a tree or a hammer and capable of doing as much work, evil or good. He also reminds us that the carpenter does not push in the nail with another nail, but with a hammer. By that, I mean he reminds us that returning the same to those who broadcast hate, fear and evil is not the solution. Hating the hater is only creating more hate, not less. When water is too hot, you add cold water to it, not more hot.


It may be debatable whether or not goodwill is stronger than hate. In effect, however, it is. In most cases, a person who spreads goodwill is passionate about it, dedicated to it. The strength of her emotions give those thoughts great power.

On the other hand, only a few of those who live in the swamp of hatred, fear, and anger put strong and dedicated emotions behind those feelings. One minute they are hating one thing, the next minute another. They don’t concentrate on one thought long enough to give it much power. On top of that, their hate is countered by others who hate the exact opposite. The man who hates the poor is countered by the one who hates the rich. One who hates civilization is countered by one who hates chaos. Yet, sadly, hatred succeeds often enough to make a mess of the world. The only thing that truly counters all hate is goodwill. When we direct goodwill to each and all, without distinction, that is a great power against hate and fear.

Scientific Basis

Many will laugh at the very idea of religion being scientific. To most people today, science and religion are opposites. It wasn’t always that way, however, and there are religions that have a scientific basis to them. Unfortunately, over time, the science upon which they were founded was lost to misunderstandings, and interference. The interference being primarily political. The emperor will let the church continue if it but change one teaching. Later, the president states the same. In a few centuries, there is little left of the original teachings that were science-based. Perhaps we need to send some goodwill to these churches who have lost their way.

In recent centuries, some of that science has returned in the form of spiritual schools with a base in religion. Some think that spirituality and religion are not compatible anymore than science and religion. That too is false. It is only because what they know of religion is the lost churches who cannot teach the path of enlightenment since the do not know it. There are, however, spiritual schools that do teach that path. And since the path leads to Oneness with God, there can be no enlightenment without belief in God. Whether you say Supreme Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, the All Being, doesn’t matter . Just different names for God.


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