Christ Light and Becoming One With It

“Now in the light, Christ demands a going out in conformity with this light and with this coming. So the man goes out, and knows and finds himself, through this simple light which has poured into him, to be united and established and penetrated and confirmed, in the unity of his spirit and mind. Thereby the man is raised up and set in a new state. … Here the man possesses the essential and supernatural unity of his spirit, as his own dwelling-place and as his own eternal, personal heritage. He ever has a natural and a supernatural tendency toward the same unity; and this same unity through the gifts of God and through simplicity of intention,shall have an eternal loving tendency towards that most high Unity, where, in the bond of the Holy Ghost, the Father and the Son are united with all saints.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Christ Light

Whether you call it spiritual light, higher light, or Christ Light doesn’t matter. What is important is that you understand that this is something beyond ordinary physical light. Spiritual light operates on higher frequencies than physical light. When Ruysbroeck calls it “this simple light,” he doesn’t mean simple as in simple-minded. He means simple as in pure and uncomplicated. It isn’t really uncomplicated, however. Within that light is stored all the wisdom and truth of reality. It is uncomplicated in the sense that it carries pure truth, unpolluted with the deceptions of matter. Yet it carries all truth, so that cannot be considered simple.

United With the Light

Ruysbroeck says the seeker becomes united with this Christ Light “in the unity of his spirit and mind.” That is true. It doesn’t happen instantly, though. It takes time to become one with the light. Years, not hours. But we often get short glimpses of that unity with the Christ Light whenever we practice our spiritual disciplines. Even briefly experiencing that unity changes us forever. It is this light that is sometimes experienced in near death that results in a drastic change in the persons life.

New State

The person who experiences this unity with the Christ Light will be in a new state. He will not just believe or speculate that spiritual development is more important than the physical, he will know it. He will know that his immortal soul is more important than his temporary body. She will see the material world as illusion and unsatisfying. He will care about the health of his body and mind, but his spirit and soul will take priority.

Most High Unity

The highest levels of consciousness cannot be achieved by egoistic individuality. Consciousness of the highest sort is a group thing. It is all consciousness united in power and purpose. When you gaze upon the spiritual sun and awaken the Christ Light within you, your consciousness will gradually move to higher levels until it eventually reaches that state. When you experience it, you are yourself,but you are everyone else as well. You are one with All. It may not happen during your physical life, but the quest continues long after the death of the physical body.


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