Christ Consciousness and Madam Guyon

“There is within me an inward testimony to the truth; so deep that all the world could not shake it. It is the work of God upon my heart, and partakes of his own immutability. It seems to me that all the difficulties of theologians concerning this state arises from viewing it, not in the light of divine truth and power, but in the light of the creature. It is true, the creature in itself, is only weakness and sin; but when it leases God to new-create the soul, and make it one with himself, it is then transformed into the likeness of Christ.

“Who will dare limit the power of God? … In this state, we understand the mutual secrets of the lover and the beloved.” ~ Madam Guyon

Inward Testimony

The awakened spirit and soul of someone like Madam Guyon doesn’t have to guess at the truth, speculate on it, or debate with others about it. They know what is true. They know it so completely and convincingly that to question it is ridiculous. This is what materialists can’t seem to grasp. It isn’t necessary to finds proofs. It isn’t necessary to consult others. Conducting experiments is fine, but even that is superfluous. When you absolutely know truth as the soul does, such things are a waste of time done only to help others understand.

One thing we must be careful of, however, is the idea that all the answers lie within ourselves. Madam Guyon thinks of her spirit and soul as something inside, so she words it that way. In actuality, the spirit is as much outside of us as it is inside. The soul is also not limited to internal space. In addition, the means of awakening or activating the dormant spirit and soul lie outside of us, not within. Specifically, we need to turn to the spiritual sun to absorb the energy needed to awaken the spirit and soul and (eventually) achieve Christ Consciousness

Creature and Soul

Madam Guyon is a little harsh on the material person—the physical body and the brain-mind—which she refers to as “the creature”. She is, in essence, putting a non-awakened person on the same level as a horse or a frog. While harsh, it is basically true. Yet we have to remember that such “creatures” are part of the great God Consciousness as much as we are and deserving of respect because of it.

The awakened person is something far beyond that simple “creature”. The soul can travel through time and space as easily as you walk to the neighbor’s house. And it can travel to the higher dimensions of spirit where the physical body cannot go.

Likeness of Christ (Christ Consciousness)

In the hilarious movie Evan Almighty, Steve Carell as Evan Baxter changes until he actually looks like Noah might have with long hair and a beard. This is not what Madam Guyon means when she says the spiritual student is transformed into a likeness of Christ. She means a spiritual likeness, not a physical one.

So what is a spiritual likeness of Christ?

  • Valuing spiritual things above the material
  • Having the wisdom and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of the world of matter
  • Having the courage to oppose those who oppose God and Truth
  • Wanting to help all humans regardless of their race or financial circumstances
  • Valuing all life and avoiding killing other beings as much as possible

There’s more to it, but that is the basics. That doesn’t happen overnight. Even an awakened soul doesn’t immediately achieve Christ Consciousness. It’s something we can all work at though,and move up towards that exalted state one level at a time.


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