Two Realms of Matter and Spirit

“All occult science is born from two thoughts, which may take root in any human being. … These two thoughts are, first, that behind the visible world there is another, the world invisible,which is hidden from the senses and also from thought hat is fettered by these senses; and secondly that it is possible for man to penetrate into that unseen world by developing certain faculties dormant within.

“Some will say there is no hidden world. … Others say that it cannot be asserted that there is no unseen world behind the visible one, but that human powers of perception are not able to penetrate into that world. … A third class looks upon it as a kind of presumption for man to attempt to penetrate, by his own efforts of cognition, into a domain with regard to which he should give up all claim to knowledge and be content with faith.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Two Thoughts, Two Realms

First, I must point out that what Mr. Steiner calls occult science is the same as spiritual science. I think most people today prefer using the word spiritual as occult has a somewhat negative connotation to many.

It is definitely true that the basic idea of all spiritual schools and spiritual studies is that there is another world, a spiritual world, beyond the physical. Some may say there is just two levels of reality, the physical and the spiritual. Other say it is somewhat more complicated and there may be several levels or dimensions of reality. We in Cosolargy fall into the later group.

In Cosolargy, we believe in a multi-dimensional universe. The lower dimensions are of matter, the higher of spirit. The lowest dimension is the great void where noting can exist, not even matter. The highest dimensions are those of pure spirit. In between those two are several dimensions with different mixtures of matter and spirit. You can also think of it as lower dimension having lower frequencies, higher dimensions having higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness.

Visible and Invisible

While many call the spiritual world invisible, that isn’t accurate. Steiner also refers to it as “hidden” or”unseen”. Those are more accurate words to use.

The spiritual worlds, and the spiritual part of this world are usually not seen by the physical eyes, or recognized by any of the other physical senses. Only the spiritual senses of the awakened spirit and soul can “see” those things.

Anyone who practices spiritual awakening techniques regularly has had times when it seemed as if his physical senses were sensing something spiritual. They might smell exotic flowers in a place where they don’t exist. They might hear music in their ears when there is nothing physical nearby to make such music. Some will even see geometric shapes appear in or around the sun. The sun itself may seem to change and become square or triangular. But none of these things are actually being experienced by the physical senses. Instead, the spiritual senses are signaling the brain much as the physical senses would giving the illusion that we have actually seen such things with our eyes, or heard them with our ears.

Three Beliefs

As for the three types of people who have different beliefs regarding the spiritual realms, here is the simple truth. The first group Steiner mentions, those who believe a spiritual realm doesn’t exist, are wrong. Not only is the spiritual realm real, but it is the only level of existence that is real because it is permanent. Matter is a temporary error that is being corrected.

As for the idea that humans cannot penetrate the spiritual worlds, that is true on a purely physical level. Our physical bodies cannot live in a spiritual world. They have to transform into spirit first. The two realms of matter and spirit coexist and are entwined to some degree, yet only the spirit and soul can penetrate the top levels that are pure spirit.

With regard to the third group and their belief regarding the two realms, they are also partly correct. Here are some people who have no business trying to contact spiritual levels of being. Some of them could be driven insane by it. Others would misuse the knowledge gained for personal enrichment on the material level. Spiritual schools try to avoid teaching either of those groups.

Many of us are ready for such an experience, however. We should not be banned from doing so by the materialists who don’t believe in the two realms, or the priests and ministers who want to maintain power by claiming to be the only ones allowed to visit or communicate with higher levels of reality. With practice and with the aid of a good teacher most of us can and should start to live in both of the two realms.


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