Transformed Student and the Path Ahead

“Ordinarily unconscious of his higher life, the esoteric student renders himself conscious of it, and thereby his whole life becomes transformed. As long as the soul remains unseeing in the higher sense it is guided by superior cosmic beings. And just as the life of a person born blind is changed, through a successful operation, from its previous dependence on a guide, so too is the life of a person changed through esoteric training. He outgrows the principle of being guided by a master and must henceforward undertake to be his own guide.

The moment this occurs he is, of course, liable to commit errors. … It is for this reason that so much is found in books dealing with these matters concerning the dangers connected with the ascent into higher worlds. … Yet the fact is that dangers only arise when the necessary precautions are ignored.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Transformed Student

A lot is said in spiritual schools about transformation. Some expect some sudden and drastic change similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It isn’t like that. Nor is it something that can happen instantly like Henry Hart blowing a bubble to Become Kid Danger. It is a gradual and ongoing type of change. A lot like aging, but usually more pleasant.

Guidance From Above

Some schools will tell you that students are guided by ascended masters. Others say it is angels who do the guiding. Some claim it is our own inner self. Which it is doesn’t really matter,and it may be all three of those at different times.

It is true, however that the transformed student who has a fully awakened and functioning soul no longer needs such guides. But this doesn’t mean that such students are now on their own, as Mr. Steiner believes. It means that they are now guided by the Divine Consciousness which is God. Angels and other Light Beings may still act as intermediaries, however.

Dangers to the Transformed Student

Mr. Steiner says there are dangers to the student who is now without the guidance of a master. But, he says,the dangers only arise when the necessary precautions are ignored. I think that is largely true, but not entirely.

While the spiritual student is still under the tutelage of a master, he can be taught various ways to protect himself from most of the dangers of the advanced spiritual journey. He can be taught to rid himself of attachments to material things so those attachments can’t be used to manipulate him. She will be shown how to program crystals and gems and carry them for protection. Most of all, they will be taught to build a shield of light around themselves to keep out evil and darkness.

But even the student who does all those things can still fail. If the student becomes too complacent, too sure that he is protected, his guard may go down just enough for some of those dangers to get through. So the transformed student may still have to deal with the dangers of the dark beings occasionally. Fortunately, he will know how to do so.


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