Lingering Thoughts and Their Effects

“And now we will begin our consideration of the laws governing what we have called’ Subconscious influence.” All students of the Occult are aware of the fact that men may be, and are, largely influenced by the thoughts of others. Not only is this the case in instances where thoughts are directed from the mind of one person to the mind of another, but also when there is no special direction or intention in the thought sent forth. The vibrations of thoughts linger in the astral atmosphere long after the effort that sent forth the thought has passed. …

“We all attract to us thought vibrations corresponding in nature with those which we are in the habit of entertaining. … We invite to ourselves these thought vibration by maintaining and entertaining thoughts along certain lines. If we cultivate a habit of thinking along the lines of Cheerfulness, Brightness, and Optimism, we attract to ourselves similar thought vibrations of others.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Lingering Thoughts

There are many ways in which we are influenced by the thoughts of others. Some people can be easily influenced by the thoughts of another individual or small group. That influence, however, can be countered by the next thoughts they pick up on. Others are influenced only when a large number of similar thoughts bombard their subconscious mind. They are the type who follow the crowd, often without knowing why. They are the type susceptible to what is called “mob mentality”. When they are part of a large group, they will follow the group without question. Afterwards, they may wonder why they did something so foolish.

The most fortunate group are those who are influenced only by the thoughts they wish to be influenced by. Unfortunately, this group is small. There is also the possibility that some of them may choose to be influenced by the wrong kind of thoughts. He very materialistic person, for example, might think it is fine to be influenced by the greedy.

Lingering Thoughts Influence Animals

Our thoughts and the thoughts of other humans don’t just influence us. Animals are also influenced by them. They are influenced directly and indirectly, just as humans are. Our pets are influenced by our thoughts and behavior. If we are friendly and peaceful, our pets will usually be friendly and peaceful also. Even farm animals are influenced by the thoughts of the farmers.

Indirectly, all animals are influenced by our thoughts, and a lot more than most of us realize. It is like making paths through the wilderness. Most animals will follow the existing paths rather than make new ones. And different animals will follow different “paths” or thought patterns that match their behavior frequencies. Also, just like with humans, thought patterns can linger for years and continue to influence animals.

Lingering Thoughts and the Weather

The influence of lingering thoughts goes beyond humans and animals. It affects the planet itself. One of the most obvious ways those effects manifest is in the weather.

We think weather is entirely a matter of winds, ocean currents, and radiation form the sun. That is only part of it. When an area starts getting hit with a lot of storms, especially hurricanes and tornadoes, there is a lot of angry and violent thought in the environment of that area. If an area is being hit with a long-term drought, the thought patterns in the area probably lack intelligence. When the lingering thoughts in an area are full of fear, the weather in that area will be erratic and irrational.

The lion will live in peace with the lamb when we learn to pay attention to the effects of our thoughts and start controlling them.


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